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I am the night. Ego sum nocte. I am the bleakness of the cold, the uncertainty of dark’s shield, all that is fear and mystery. I am enchantingly elegant. I do not belong here. Here is for the bleak starkness of day. I am not the day, I am the night. I shouldn’t be here, but I did things I shouldn’t’ve. Nobody really knows me. Nobody knows how I feel. Nobody understands. They don’t let me have my darkness here. Vivo ego in tenebris. Without the dark, I cannot live, but here it is replaced with light.

Sequel/Side-story to Princessy
Please set the background to dark.

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I think you want to say "Ego sum nox" (You say "Homo sum," not "Homine sum," right?). Also, both your "egos," while technically not incorrect, are redundant, as "sum" and "vivo" are in the first-person and already presuppose an "ego."

2101261 Thank you. I really shouldn't trust google translate, should I?

Cool. thats all i can say. Its really cool that you incorperated Latin into your story.

That last line made me think of this:

2102047 Yeah. In particular, the abalative case was really abused. Here are the correct forms of the Latin phrases:

[Ego] sum nox
Vivo in tenebris (or tenebra if it's singular)
Meus nomen.
Tenebras (or Tenebram if it's singular) amo. Amo noctem. Hoc non amo.

Est omnis, est nihilque
Non possum obdormiscere
Errant et fundunt trans caput meus
Arcani quod tenes.

But I need the dark vivere (I would recommend just translating the whole thing; Sed tenebram requiro vivere)
Merda taurea
Tenebris. Lux.
Sum solus.
Immortalitas est mors.
Luna est tenebra.
Luna est absens.

Ego sum nox.
Hic est dies.
Tenebra mea est absens.
Quomodo possum sustinebo?

2226645 Thank you muchly. I wouldn't know.
I'll fix this eventually, I'm just tired.

...Are exposed breasts allowed in cover pics? You should change that quickly before you get in trouble.

2443842 You can't really tell unless you're looking closely, I figured it would be fine.

2443942I would highly advise against it. Your story could get removed, especially since this is tagged EVERYONE. Really, kids can see this.

2443960 Honestly it is completely fine, considering plenty of people have seen this and NO ONE has complained (except you). It's not even that noticeable. I had this image bookmarked for a while and looked at it a lot before even noticing it. I don't think it's an issue.

2443976*sigh* You're not getting the point here. I don't really care about the pic, but when someone eventually goes to the moderators about this (and they will!) you could get into a spot of trouble.

2444003 I really don't think anyone will go to the mods. Unless you will, which I'm half expecting.

2444019I won't. I'm just trying ta' look out for you. Now, It is 11:20 pm and I'm tired. Good night good sir, and good luck!

2444031 Thank you for not being a complete a-hole. Honestly, I'm glad you weren't stupid enough to escalate this further. I apologize for getting really worked up.

2444043Good morning~! And you're welcome, Always glad to help!

Er... are you ever going to fix the Latin?

2654814 Oh right, I was going to do that. :facehoof:

Yes. When I have time.

No, comment?
Okay, here we go...
to be honest, I can't think straight and can't even really read right now because I just masturbated, and I am very very tired...

I like stories such as Emo Luna turns to playful gamer Luna. I'll just keep reading this and see where it goes.

How do I change the background to dark for reading this?

Edit: Figured it out.

This is even better than Princessy (in my opinion). I've always liked stories where younger Luna is so coherent it could be frightening while Celestia has good intentions but is somewhat naive compared to her sister. It reminds me of Believing Stories.

Damn, this is creepy. I thought the prequel was more sad, in a way, but you did a wonderful job on both of them. You've earned an upvote.

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