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Twilight Sparkle decided to make a surprise visit at Sugarcube Corner. As she ordered her drink, history repeats itself but this time it wasn't Flash that helped her. Princess Twilight then realize that she has a thing for bad girls and will try her best to get this girl's attention.

Inspired by Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 6 "Last One Out Of Beach City"

Special thanks to: DavisSentoV5 for helping me with this

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The mane 7 were having a fun summer vacation in the beach. Sunset Shimmer was happy that she had come so far. She was admiring the view, until she saw something shiny from afar and decided to see what it was. She stops on her tracks when she had finally found what she was looking for and picks it up to see it was just a mirror, she examines it and saw a cracked lapis lazuli gem behind the mirror. Sunset decided to keep it because it was rare for her to see, what she didn't know, is that someone is trapped and needed to be free.

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Sunset Shimmer has a crush on Twilight but knew she couldn't love her because Twilight is in a happy relationship with Timber Spruce. When she heard that Timber got into an accident, she quickly rushes to the hospital and the doctor told her that he needs an A+ blood and a heart. Sunset immediately volunteers because she remembered how Twilight looks sad and was crying because of what had happened to her boyfriend. So she sacrifices her own life.... for Twilight to smile again.

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Aria Blaze, a new student of CHS was having troubles on the first day because it's the first time in her life that she will not be with her friends from Everton University. She had bumped into someone by accident and help the person to gather their things, their hands touched in the middle as both of them were about to grab the paper. The person she had bumped to is one of the popular girls in the school, Fluttershy. Aria learned that Fluttershy is the captain of the volleyball team (inspired by one of the scenes in do it for the ponygram) She decided to become a cheerleader so that she could show her support to her crush.

Special thanks to my buddy DavisSentoV5 for collaborating with me so that we can bring this story to FIMfiction!

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Aria Blaze is a grump, no one wants to mess with her, she gets peeve easily, and worst of all don't call her cute..... except for Fluttershy, she's an exception.

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