Cheer You On

by Artistkun

First published

"If I Could Be The Wind Under Your Wings, To Watch You Soar So High Makes My Heart Sing" - Aria Blaze

Aria Blaze, a new student of CHS was having troubles on the first day because it's the first time in her life that she will not be with her friends from Everton University. She had bumped into someone by accident and help the person to gather their things, their hands touched in the middle as both of them were about to grab the paper. The person she had bumped to is one of the popular girls in the school, Fluttershy. Aria learned that Fluttershy is the captain of the volleyball team (inspired by one of the scenes in do it for the ponygram) She decided to become a cheerleader so that she could show her support to her crush.

Special thanks to my buddy DavisSentoV5 for collaborating with me so that we can bring this story to FIMfiction!

1st day, On My Own - Part I

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"Aria, wake up! You're going to be late on your first day in Canterlot High School!" No response.

"Aria?! I better not see you writing one of your emotional phase poems again!!!"

The alarm clock continued to make that annoying sound that makes people angry and cranky in the morning, but not Aria Blaze is different because she was a heavy sleeper. Her room was a mess I tell ya, potato chip crumbs everywhere and soda's lying on the ground. Her shirt was lifted a bit showing her stomach and she's wearing a black sport shorts, she scratched her stomach as she continued to snore loudly enough to wake up the whole neighborhood which is sometimes they would talk to her older sister about that problem. The door opened to reveal her big sister, Starlight Glimmer. She groans in anger to see her sister's room was like a pig's pen, she looks at Aria and sighs heavily.

"What am I going to do with you?" Starlight rubs her forehead and went over to Aria who was still scratching her belly snoring so loud.



Aria Blaze fell off her bed face first which she was greeted by potato chip crumbs. She slowly stood on her feet as she wipes her face, once she was done she opened her eyes to see her angry older sister with her arms cross. Aria smiled nervously and shuts her alarm clock with the button. She was sweating a lot since she could tell that either she did something wrong or she had forgotten to do a chore.

"Wa-Wassup sis? Did you change your hairstyle today?"

"Don't you wassup me Ariana Blaze! You're going to be late on your first day in Canterlot High and you didn't even clean your room when your party was over!"

"First off, don't you call me by my full name because it's really scary that you sound like you want to kill me at any minute or seconds and can you repeat the second one and third I was tired!" Aria said as she scratches her belly.

"I said you're going to be late on your first day in Canterlot Hi-". Before Starlight could even finish her sentence, her sister magically vanishes in front of her which made her shock because she just blinks for a second.

"What the h-"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP STARLIGHT?!" Aria said as Starlight could hear the showering indicating her sister is taking a bath.

"You're alarm clock did before me!"


Starlight groans as she went downstairs to drink her coffee. She watches the news T.V to kill the time before she could go to work. She sometimes worries about her little sister's future, ever since their parents had passed away, Starlight was the one who takes care of Aria Blaze. Sometimes she even feels like a mom. Aria Blaze quickly went downstairs as she was struggling to wear her long sleeve shirt and fell down on the floor. Starlight sighed and went towards her sister's direction to help her up. She puts her sister's long sleeve shirt properly and fixes her bonnet, Aria wore her vest and fixes her pants before she could put on her pendant that her mother had given to her since her 10th birthday.

"Thanks sis, you're a life saver". Aria said as she puts on her shoes.

"Just please be careful. I know you're going to be late but please be aware of what's happening around here". Starlight worriedly said and her sister kissed her cheek.

"It won't happen again". Aria went over to the dining table to grab a bagel and drinks the coffee even if it's hot but still manages to finish it.

"Slow down sis!" Aria wasted no time and went to the front door so she could still catch the bus.

"You forgot you're bag!"

"My bad! Bag me!" Starlight toss the bag into the air and Aria had raised her arms high enough for the bag to insert.



"I WON'T!"

Aria Blaze started to run as she saw the student's going inside the bus. As the last person entered the bus, the bus driver closes the door before he drives away to Canterlot High. Aria Blaze gasp as the bus started to drive away and prayed that she wouldn't be late on the first day.


Aria started to run faster and eventually so that she could make it. The students saw her and laughed as they pull out their cell phones to record her. She saw some obstacles that could slow her down and was determine to get the attention of the driver. She jumps so high over the sign and did a front flip when there was a dog running towards her direction. The students gasps in awe as Aria was doing some parkour. She loses sight of the bus as a car went in front of her which she jumped so high over it and added a front flip again as she continued to run towards the bus.


"Whoa that new kid is so awesome!"

"She looks so pretty!"

"Augh! Another emo on our school?"

"I want to know where she learned how to do parkour!" A pink hair girl was watching in awe as Aria was trying her best to catch up with the bus.

"Yo Fluttershy, did Principal Celestia assigned you to welcome new students this year?" Fluttershy turns her head to her childhood friend Rainbow Dash who was still watching the new kid.

"N-No Dashie, her daughter is going to be the one doing it".

"Man Sunset is so lucky! The new kid seems like a cool person to hang with plus I'm going to ask her if she can teach me her moves!".

"She sure is". Fluttershy cooed as she joins her friend into watching the new student doing parkour.

Aria Blaze stopped as the pass went ahead and another car went in front of her. She looks for a shortcut and wasted to time running. She jump through ever fence on the neighborhood and had made it to the bus when he was picking up more students. As she was about to stop so that she could enter, the bus drove away which made her groan in anger and annoyance.

"Are you freaking kidding me?! How much do the principal pay this guy?!" Aria continued to chase after the bus hoping she could still catch up. She got an idea and quickly climbs on a tree which made every student poke their heads out of the window to watch.

Aria Blaze then jump towards the roof of the bus and everything was like in slow motion. She landed safely and yells happily as she had finally made it on the bus. Some people look at her like she was a crazy person and some were laughing at her because she looks so dumb right now. She sat down and enjoys the wind kissing her face as she looks like a model right now.

PHEEW! I'm so glad that I made it just in time.

Aria Blaze stared at her new school in awe. She was outside admiring the simple view of the public school that she is about to spend for an entire year, She sighs and grips the strap on her sling bag as she walks towards the entrance. She was nervous and immediately misses her friends from her former school, Everton University. She opens the glass door and slowly walk the halls of the school looking around to see students getting along pretty well. She stops when she saw a girl in front of her, her eyes winded to how the girl's appearance intrigued her.

"You must be the new student, Welcome to Canterlot High School! I'm Sunset Shimmer, I'll be showing you around school and I hope you feel welcome". Sunset said before she smiles like a goddess.

"And now I'm legally blind". Aria said and closes her mouth immeadiatly, blushing from embarrassment.

"Wh-What's wrong?"

"You lo-look really perfect, you must be really flawless". Aria shyly said which made Sunset giggle.

"I get that a lot but everyone isn't born flawless. Let me show you around and trust me, you'll really gonna love it here". Aria started to follow Sunset while looking around the halls. She was listening clearly to Sunset because it will be embarrassing if she forgets the rooms in the first day of school. After the tour, Aria seems to be a little comfortable at her new school. The bell rang to indicate the students that school is starting.

"Have a good first day, Aria!" Sunset waved goodbye before walking away leaving Aria alone.

The new kid sighs and starts walking to her first period hoping and praying she doesn't embarrass herself. She was looking at her schedule while walking slowly, double checking to make sure she gets the right room. Footsteps were heard coming from her direction but it seems that she was really focused on the schedule that she bumped into someone.

Papers were in the air and Aria rubs her head slowly, her eyes were shut close because of the impact of the person she had bumped into.

"Oh! I-I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!"

"Just watch where you goin-"

As Aria open her eyes, she could of sworn she saw an angel that has fallen off in heaven. The girl was on top of her and from Aria's vision, that girl is an angel.

"Le-let me help you up". The girl stood up and grabs the new kid's arms to lift her up. They both were standing awkwardly and Aria was screaming inside.

"I know you!" Aria looks at the girl who seems to be beaming from excitement.

"Yo-You do?"

"You're the new student who was chasing the bus and you're parkour stunts were cool" The girl softly smile and Aria closed her eyes from the light that was invisibly shining at her direction.

"I just didn't want to be late on my first day that's all. I don't want my sister to scold me". Aria said.

"Oh! I'm Fluttershy and you are?"

"Aria Blaze". They both shake their hands and something pop out of their heads as their hands have touched.

"OH SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA, I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" Aria quickly helps Fluttershy collect her papers and immediately grabs her schedule before she runs to look for her first period.

Sh-She looks beautiful like an angel.... Fluttershy huh? A pretty name that suits for an angel such as herself eehehehe.... STOP IT BLAZE!