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Hello. I like to write stories about the Displaced, crossovers, mythical creatures and all of the above combined.


Introductions · 11:45pm January 21st

What’s up you sexy motherfuckers! How has your day? Let’s cut to the crap, shall we? In a story, such as a story about the Displaced, the characters are introduced to one another. This part could be rather difficult to get it spot on but it’s possible. My question is, how would you introduce your character/characters to Main 6, Spike, Luna, Celestia, Discord and etc. Thats all I got to ask. Bye you beautiful people.

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Two way Communication *Ghosty Voice*

Thanks. I’ll mention you to XD

XD Thanks! Will Mention Your Book in My Books (Because No one sees my blogs XD)

“One second is all it takes to be scared for life,
but it was worth it.”-Jake

You brilliant sexy boy, I’ll credit you in my next chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

Nope I'm Just a

"Clever Girl" ~Gurrasic Dark

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