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Greetings everyone. I am your friendly neighborhood midnight pegasus. Short story/one-shot writer. Hit me up if you have any pairs you want to see. I tend to do holiday themed stories.

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Help Wanted · 8:23pm May 2nd

Okay. Same speel as before. Need voice actors and artists for an audio drama of Confessions of the Dark.


If you are interested, stop by and give your voice a try.

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2632959 the two of them do make a cute pair. not saying i dont support the ship, just that i am more leaning towards Applejack and Spike

Spapple Jack? :applejackconfused:
We can't be friends! :fluttershysad:
Rarijack is the only acceptable Applejack ship!:duck::ajsmug:

I am all for one and four love them so much, you should read The Sweetiemash Chronicles if you haven't already it's long but good.

Mainly dr derptor ( Derpy and doctor hooves), fluttercord (Fluttershy and discord), Spapple Jack (spike and apple jack), and buttonbelle (button mash and sweetie belle)

Bonjour, to FiMFiction.net I hope you enjoy your time here. Sounds nice who do you like to ship?

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