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Just a quirky Kitty in a wide world of possibilities. SciSet, ShyLight, ShySet and AppleDash shipper. Message me if you want, I don't bite >^.^<

Story continuity timelines

All my continuity encompassed stories have a suggested reading order*. You can find them in the following:


Bardic Lore

Equestria 616

They will also be tagged with the timeline in the descriptions. If they do not contain a tag, they are non-contiguous to othe stories.

*I don't always write in chronological order outside of major chapter works, so double check where a new work falls on the timeline before reading. E616 is still formative so some shuffling may occur.

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Revisions Update · 9:12am Last Friday

I am now revised all the way through Raison d'Etre and Cruising. I'll be working on the remaining stories up to Chaos Theory all the way through the end of the month and through my hiatus, probably starting in the second week of March as per usual.

And, as we did last year, during my hiatus if you want to participate in the guest writers contest, feel free to pm me for more information.

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You are welcome ^^ I hope to read some of your stories soon too.



I’d be a bit uncomfortable then.

But what if I want you to bite?

Sunset is the Undyne to Sci-Twi's Alphys.

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These stories I highly recommend giving a once over.