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Just a quirky Kitty in a wide world of possibilities. SciSet, ShyLight, ShySet and AppleDash shipper. Message me if you want, I don't bite >^.^<

Homecoming Continuity Timeline

The Homecoming Continuity follows the following timeline for events. This will be updated as stories are added.

Equestria Girls
Rainbow Rocks
Friendship Games
Legend of EverFree
Homecoming - Fall Semester, early/mid
Something that Needed to be Done -Two days after Homecoming
At Night, All You Have Is... - one week after Homecoming
Mission of Mercy - Concurrent with At Night
Got a Minute? - Three days after At Night
In for a Bit, In for a Pound - One Week after At Night
The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer - Winter Break
Keeping Me Warm - One week after Wooing
Just Another Day - Six days after Keeping Me Warm
Ghosts - Five days after Just Another Day
Last Night of Winter Break - Four days after Ghosts
Raison d'Etre (Adagio) - Early spring
The Key and the Lock - Early spring
Raison d'Etre (Sonata) - Early/Mid spring
Cruising - Spring Break
Raison d'Etre (Aria) - Concurrent with Cruising
Raison d'Etre (Crossroads) - Three days after Aria
Raison d'Etre (Moving On) - Morning after Crossroads
There's More That's Out There - A week after Cruising
Canterlot Holiday - Concurrent with There's More That's Out There
Chaos Theory - Five days after There's More
Pig in a Poke By Dave_Bryant - Two days after Chaos Theory
Into the Sunset - Four weeks after Chaos Theory
Ballade - Five weeks after Chaos Theory
Sky Blue Mind By Wolfkin - Concurrent with Ballade
Dance Magic - Concurrent with Ballade
Forgotten Legacy - Five days after Ballade
Forgiveness - One week after Forgotten Legacy
Old Fashioned Love - Three weeks after Forgotten Legacy
Precious To Me - Concurrent with Old Fashioned Love
A Gem Richly Won - Two weeks after Old Fashioned Love
Movie Magic - One week after A Gem Richly Won
Mirror Magic - One week after Movie Magic
Insurgence - Two months after Forgotten Legacy
Pet Project - One week after Insurgence
FIrst Step - One year, six months after Insurgence
On the Inside - Four years after Insurgence
On Valentine's Day - No firm date, but between one - three years after Insurgence for canon chapters.
Alone Time - Ten years after Insurgence.
Cystal - Twenty years after Insurgence
Comparing Notes- Eighteen months after Crystal
A Constant Test- Four months after Comparing Notes

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Oh, yeah... · 10:22am 5 hours ago

Remember when I said I had to write this story?

Well, since I need to dig out my cookbook before returning to the SciSet, I turned my sights on the as yet expanded upon FlutterSparkle.

TwiShy. That sounds less awkward.

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Glad you’re enjoying them! :twilightsmile:

I have to admit, you gained me as a follower after two stories of the Homecoming continuity. I've been binge reading them for the past 24 hrs. Wonderful work!

Appledash is ♡♡♡♡!

Mainly because the old one has been almost inexplicably linked to my character Azure. This one does come closer to my general style and appearance as far as mane and style are concerned. Plus, it’s a shame not to share this lovable bit of art.

why did you change it????!!!!:fluttercry:
i loved the old one :fluttercry:
not that this one is bad:twilightblush:

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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