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Rose Quill

I write short little bits of words that somehow fit together into stories. Nice to meet ya!

Story continuity timelines

All my continuity encompassed stories have a suggested reading order*. You can find them in the following:


Bardic Lore

Equestria 616

They will also be tagged with the timeline in the descriptions. If they do not contain a tag, they are non-contiguous to othe stories.

*I don't always write in chronological order outside of major chapter works, so double check where a new work falls on the timeline before reading. E616 is still formative so some shuffling may occur.

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A quick word of thanks · 4:31am November 29th

We'll return to our interviews with the cast in a moment.

I'd like to take a moment to thank a couple of ponies for their invaluable help over the last few years. They've proofread, edited, given insight, and generally been great friends to me.

Feather Book
Sun Sage

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Some words of encouragement: keep up the good work.

Hey do you play league of legends?

Thanks for the watch, Rose!

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These stories I highly recommend giving a once over.

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