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"There's so much more, you can reclaim your crown. You're in control. Rid of the monsters inside your head. Put all your faults to bed. You can be King."

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Sunset is cruel, a secret - stealer, and most importantly, Anon - A - Miss. Sunset is sad, broken, and innocent. Which is the real Sunset? Will anyone find out before it becomes too late?

Just weeks before Christmas Break, an online Mystable user by the name of Anon - A - Miss began posting people's deepest secrets. The main target and victim; Sunset Shimmer.

Students began making her life hell and made her began wishing for death. Anything to escape the pain of having to deal with the burden of being the main suspect. Only a few people believe she's innocent.

Meaning by few people? Two. Literally two aside from her; Flash Sentry, her ex who surprisingly believes her, and Sugarcoat, a student of Crystal Prep Academy. But is it going to be enough to keep Sunset around before she successfully ends it all?

Rewrite of Anon - A - Miss: Another Way

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Another Way

Upon meeting Sunset Shimmer, the newest member of Crystal Prep, by pure luck after school in the hall, Twilight hasn't been able to get her mind off of her. It's finally declared by Dean Cadance that she's in love. Shining Armor and Cadance couldn't be happier, and so could she.

Only problem is, Sunset's taken and she doesn't know it.

Chapters (14)

Anon-A-Miss occured before Winter Break, and tore down everything Sunset had built up to prove she had changed. She's the main victim of this deadly online secret teller, and everyone believes she's guilty. Including her so called friends.

It takes her to a point of no return, but at last minute before she jumps, she's saved by an unlikely ally... does she even a right to that word anymore?

Chapters (18)

During the final minutes of school, Indigo Zap steals Sugarcoat's glasses and refuses to give them. Thinking of a way to get them back, Sugarcoat uses the last resort to get her glasses back.

Chapters (1)
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