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Ideas! · 5:52pm Mar 17th, 2016

Hello everyone, VelvetNight here! I see my story isn't getting good feedback lately, so I want to know, what are your suggestions on how to make it better? I also have a little bit of writers block, so I'm open for suggestions on how the story goes!
VelvetNight, signing off

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Thanx for the watch mate!:twilightsmile:

1949753 of course you may

Thank you for the follow, and may I extend a hoof in friendship?

You follow me, hmm, not all of us here are going to be as friendly as I will be... For the time being...

Oh, wow :D Honored to be the first you chose to stalk here!

I might just have to return that favor, see to it that you have at least one stalker :raritywink:

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