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During Winter Break, Twilight is partnered up with Flash Sentry on a history project that isn't due until winter break is however. However, being the studious student she is, Twilight decides to get an early jump on the assignment and heads over to Flash's house so they can work on it. Unfortunatly for her, she arrives during the coldest day and when Flash's AC is busted.

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It is said that "love conquers all", this statement is true, but how can love exist in a world filled with darkness and hate. This is the story of those who found love in this world, a story of friendships forming and breaking, and a story of those who were lost returning to the light.

Current ships:
Spike x Ember

More ships will most definitely be added

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The world is old, five billion years old to be exact, and in that time so many things have happened that are now forgotten. Heroes who have lived a life of adventure become myth and the adventures they had become nothing more than stories. As the next generation overlapped the old, the history of the world became warped and false. But there is one thing in this world which has withstood the test of time while history did not. This was the artifacts that were left by the heroes and villains who wielded them before they passed away, and these artifacts still remain in this world to this day. But these artifacts pose a threat to the peace and harmony of Equestria. Therefore, under the authority of Princess Luna, a team of specialists was created to search, collect, and document these dangerous artifacts before they fell into the wrong hands. These group of specialists are known as the "Seekers", and it is this group of specialists which keeps Equestria safe as they work in the shadows. The less Equestria is aware of the dangerous weapons that exist in this world the better as they say.

After all, it was Princess Luna who said this.

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Takes place in Kilala97 nextgenverse and DC's Green Lantern series

Co-written by Alphamon_Ouryuken

The stage is set. The time draws near
As all watch in horror. Their hearts gripped with fear. Their hope has died. Their will is gone. Their greed consumes them. The end has come
Their love has shattered. Their hearts filled with rage. Compassion be damned. It's time for a new age. It's all over now. You will try and you will fail. You little lights will never win. The darkness always prevails. But if you refuse to bow down. And you decide to stay and fight. Then come at me then. Let your colors burn bright. Face the darkness. And show me your might!

Will, Fear, Hope, Rage, Love, Avarice, and Compassion. These seven emotions are what power the rings of the lantern corps. One day multiple rings are given to those of Equestria, to fight a darkness which has begun to rise. But while this power is capable of saving Equestria, those who wield them seek other goals. Goals that will shatter the bonds they have so desperately tried to keep safe, and will tear them apart.

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This story is a sequel to What must not go unsaid

Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generousity, Loyalty, and Magic. These six elements make up the magical artifacts known as the Elements of Harmony. For years the six bearers kept the peace between all with their magic which defeated all evil that threatened their home

But they are not alone. There are other Elements than those of Harmony, and when they are unleashed the world begins to tear itself apart, and the battle for domination begins as Elements fight against Elements.

Co-written by: Parodox

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Star Gaze's life was always miserable. She never had a family that cared for her, always had to eat whatever scraps she could find, and lived in a broken and worn down house. But all of that was about to change when she was about to try out for the School for gifted Unicorns. But before she could go, the filly who went next became Celestia's pupil. That filly was Twilight Sparkle. Everything she got was everything that Star Gaze dreamed of having. She envied Twilight and wanted to make her suffer.

One day, Star Gaze stumbles across a spell that will give her everything she ever wanted, and will make Twilight learn just how miserable life can be.

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Starswirl the Bearded. The most powerful and intelligent unicorn the world has ever known. But even the greatest of legends must come to an end. But before his death, he left a couple of words that he didn't want to go unsaid. Now, Princess Celestia, his closest and dearest friend, reads his final words, and suffers the weight of what he could've never said.

Co-written by: Parodox

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When Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon, her sister banished her to the moon with the Elements of Harmony. But in a separate universe, Nightmare Moon was able to turn the tables and banished Celestia to the sun. Because of this Nightmare Moon is the new Queen of Equestria, and while some welcome her rule, there are those who lurk in the shadows, waiting to put an end to the queen's rule.

Co-written by: Parodox

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This story is a sequel to The End to every story

The following story is a next gen fic based off of my other stories

Time has passed, and in that time many things have happened to those who lived in Equestria. But out of all the things that have occurred the most important was the birth of the descendants of the mane six. Come and let me tell you about this next generation, as they tackle friendship problems and fight dangerous obstacles. All the while a mysterious thing is occurring, something that will affect their lives forever.

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This story is a sequel to Shadow in the Dark

In every story there is a Beginning and a End. While the two can't be truly be seen they are real. Everyone is a storyteller. The beginning of their story's. But to every story there must be an end. A closing chapter, a final page, the last word. But what if a storyteller wrote a book without an ending? What if the beginning sealed away the end to prevent the book he created from having an end? What if the end to that book returned? What if the end and beginning had a battle to decide the fate of that book and those who existed in that book? What whould such a battle look like and how could it be written?

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