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I love my little pony so much I want to write my own stories, just to be able express my thoughts and feeling freely just feels super great.


Twilight and her friends heads to Canterlot to celebrate its founding. But shortly after the Demon Pony appears, a deadly creature known ad the Mini-Were Mare appears too. What is these creatures and what is their connection to Twilight's past and her nightly disappearances?

Ben Mare, Boris, Dum-Dum, Boxoc and Lorcan belong to JusSonic

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke

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Princess Luna had many Children she took under her wing, those who were forsaken and abandoned. But one night Luna found a foal who was different from all of her other Children she cared for. This Child was day-night-walker, or more commonly known as a Two-World Walker, a Child who could walk between the night and the day without needing magic.

Luna was the only other pony closest to the young filly, and understood how she felt to be misunderstood. The Other pony was a young colt named Dracula, who envied the filly he named Twilight Amila Sparkle. Many other Children of the Night envied her as well, for she was half vampire half unicorn, but stronger than both, but Little Twilight wasn't stronger than a werewolf pony(were-pony).

What happened when Twilight left the Children of the Night for some unknown reason? What if Cadence knew of Twilight's secret, never told anypony?

Twilight was adopted by Twilight Velvet and Night Light after her 100th year of living, but she never told them what she really was for she didn't trust them enough with her secret... They wanted to help Twilight with her problems, but she always hid herself within the shadows of her room or the forest out side of Canterlot. She hated the fact that she was a half-breed and no pony she knew was around anymore. Twilight often ran away from home, hoping to find her brothers and sisters of the Night but she never did...

inspired by: Children of the Night

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What happened after the Diamond Princess?
Well, this what happened Twilighta sent three letters to the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, and Ponyvillie.

Oh boy, do the Equestrian Royalty and the Elements of Harmon have more than One pony to accept this time.

Princess Twilighta and Prince Sombra are engaged hoping that the other royalist and the elements can accept their commitment for the good of their ponies and the Diamond Realm itself.

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This story takes place before, A Lost Soul Reborn: The Queen of Monsters and Diamonds
I just had the thought pop into my head.
This is the truth on Twilight Amora Heart, before her ancestoral home, The Diamond Place, was burned to the ground.... But what happened to her parents...
This is what happened before Twilight's parents diappeared...

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Note: I rename my story from A Lost Soul Reborn: The Queen o Transylmaneia and The Diamond Kingdom to A Lost Soul Reborn: The Queen of Monsters and Diamonds

Twilight Amora Sparkle has been hearing voices that she somehow remembers... But why at the telling of a certain pony's name did she feel like her world had just been flipped? The voice in her heart becomes loader when stands in an old friend's presence, suddenly she changes as regains the a little memory of previous life and is reborn in a different time.

What does one do when they are a half-bred(half vampony) in the matter?

Original story :A Lost Soul Returns: The King of Monsters

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Who is Ruby Sparkle, and who were her parents? We all have a past, but this one is even darker than Princess Luna's.
Night walker might seem to be a hero to the batponies..
But, what is the truth behind Ruby's character?

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Some wonder who the first vamponies were, and how their kin ended as batponies.

Well if you are one of the some… This story will
Explain just that, and maybe more…

Just remember, once you start reading you
Can’t always turn back.

But there is a bit of a "killing" competion, and ponies trying to kill themselves.

Ruby Sparkle belongs to Senyu.

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