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The dark tales of Ewuestria are always buried. We never know the truth about them so we consider what maybe true. I'm the pony who wishes to write these dark tales to spread to searching audience.

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Miss me. Its late as h&%$, but its close to the witching hour so it makes up for it. I plan to make a comeback with three new stories I've been working on. No determined date when they'll come out, but to those who care.
Do you want all these stories out on one day or to get them out as soon as possible individually?
I hope to be better then when I first started.
I will give a you a teaser on one. Its another shot at an old story of mine that failed due to not having much info on Equestrian at the time. It should be better now though.

I'll try my best.

Hi, excuse me: don't mean to be rude, I'm sure you're busy, but I'm just doing this to get my story noticed more: I've put them in groups and they have gotten a few views but I feel that It can be a bit more: In short, can you please look at a few chapters of my story and tell me what you think? Just trying to get a bit more noticed. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/265913/rising-hope

Well guys, I'm not sure what's wrong with fimfiction. I try to post a fallout story in featured stories but its not working for some reason, if you want to look at it its Fallout Equedtria: Ressurection Genetics, I tried to leave a here post but I couldnt figure it out so heres the link:

Thanks for another fav.:twilightsmile:

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Still here. · 8:00am Jul 13th, 2016

Just wanted to put out I'm still here. Stories are slowly coming along. That's just all.

-see ya Soon

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