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The dark tales of Ewuestria are always buried. We never know the truth about them so we consider what maybe true. I'm the pony who wishes to write these dark tales to spread to searching audience.


The sun hangs in for only a handful of hours. The disease hit quick and fast. It was death for all who came across turning them into a thing that decays as it stands. They only have one purpose and that's to feed. The land is now chaos with no one to take care of the land. The fate of equestria only rest in the journey of two fillies as they moved down a path of madness and insanity.

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*sees cover image**immediatly scared shitless* nopenopenopenopenopeNOPE!

4366052 Stallion up dude. (err...dudette? idek :twilightoops:)

here is the problem with nearly all sombie stories with ponies. ponies would have a hard time spreading the disease through bites, cuase they have no cutting teeth to penetrate flesh.
not to mention that zombification causes a human to hunty for flesh............ problem is a zombie pony would only graze and not try to eath other ponies. cause they would not have a predatory impulse to take advantage of.

4366091 *profane gesture* :trollestia:

4366160 *facehoof* trollestia is fucking mocking me xD

everbody knows what to do right?..HIT THEM WHERE IT BLEEDS THE MOST:pinkiecrazy:THE HEAD!:pinkiecrazy:

4366142 hmm.... Holy sun ass, Watson's right!

4366235 so much for elementary, Sherlock.

a lot of guys try to mix things with mlp like in any fandom, but with mlp there are a lot of things that don't mesh. zombies for example. I could argue that a zombie pony would attack a pony, but they would not pursue them through the streets and be acting on isntincts. otherwise they would graze cause animal impulses and hunger take over and they do not identify other animals as food stuffs.

the only time I ever thought it worked as in Fallout equestrian with the Ghoul ponies gone zombie, cause technically that is not them becoming the flesh hungering undead. that is them going insane and their perception twisted till there is no recognition. you cannot have a true zombie and madness as madness requires intelligence to begin with, and true zombies lack intelligence.

Comment posted by Micarder deleted Jul 2nd, 2014

4369528 did you do the thumbs up gesture when you said that? :trollestia:

4372739 *suddenly becomes discorded* I like you. I'll be watching.

4372800 I'm the most craziest person you'll ever meet. Everypony likes me because of that. :trollestia: Hohohohohoho

Hello everyone I just want to say its a real honor to have all you enjoying my fiction. I want to say thx to all of you who have liked my story and favorite it. This actually would have never had happened without spidersean so please check out his original story that formed all this. I hope you enjoy his version. If you liked mine the like his and favorite his cause he may continue back on his story which I will stop mine if he does. I promised myself that I wouldn't have his story completely so thx again and well um brony on.:twilightblush: ( really mic really:facehoof:)

Comment posted by Micarder deleted Jul 2nd, 2014
Comment posted by Micarder deleted Jul 2nd, 2014

4366249I see were your going, but the basic for all diseases is to spread causing changes in the body liking spreading the flu by sneezing. Hitting can be the fastest ways to spread as saliva contains the disease and the disease enters the bloodstream, which means super virus. The teeth thing is human cannibals teeth are grinded down as they eat other people making them sharp, or at least look sharp. Not sure how horse teeth would come out cause they only eat a plant base diet which I see were your getting at. Its these sorta things that really shouldn't be thought over, and just simply enjoy the fan fiction.

Two ways to get around lordofmyths restrictions are:

1. Whatever is causing the zombie disease is Magic based. Its like ponies are possessed by demons. Zombies bite other ponies because they want to spread the disease/taint and they want to cause misery.

2. There are diseases and parasites that affect the brains of their victims. This disease turns peaceful zombie ponies into biters or spitters to spread the disease.

This seems abandoned like the first one.

its not. just getting out other storis but im lazy:derpytongue2:

Like I said earlier, abandoned :D

Hope you guys enjoy chapter 13. I know the author message but i'm just gonna throw it in the comments. Let me know how it is and any errors i should fix. Remeber Steven King can be this bad at gammar but he can afford thirty proofreaders, i exagerated on the proofreader #'s

6550340 were* and you uploaded after you saw my comment, so technically, I win :derpytongue2: and yes it was abandoned for quite some time.

6550355 I'm* I* Exaggerated* I* grammar*

You need a proofreader for your comments before they are posted :rainbowlaugh: sorry

I'll proofread yours right now as I see too many errors. I'm not a proofreader, but I have quite a sense of grammar for being thirteen.

Oh, and,

The world of darknest began to tear away. It was a large room that had no end points only dark grey couds

Should be:

The world of darkness began to tear away. It was a large room that had no end points, only dark grey clouds.
Holy crap, I'll just P.M. you your chapter. This is too much.

Yes, it did take me this long to fix everything. After reading this chapter, previous chapters including, I'm sorry to say that I have lost complete interest in this story. Descriptions are vague, you are missing capitals, misspelling almost every word, creating run-on sentences, and, using the comma incorrectly.

What is the point of the story? Where does it lead to? I understand nothing from it. I'll shut up now before I cause myself to become blocked by you :rainbowderp:

Lol, this is exactly what I need. Someone to speak up instead of your grammar sucks and then I ask how but I get a dislike. From my experience though a lot of people have different takes on grammar, that mispell bulls&+% is different though. So thank you, you have done nothing wrong.

OK chapter 13 is fixed. You guys thank ink_quill for this and again hope you enjoy.

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