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What is it about broken people that is so intriguing? Is it the way in which their lives are presently shattered, or is it the curiosity of what could have possibly broken them in this way that captures our attention so fully? Whatever the case, this story is about one such broken pony. Once a student of Princess Celestia, member of the honorary Royal Family, and head of a para-scientific organization, this pony now spends his days roaming the halls of his family's estate in Northern Equestria, banished from Canterlot for endangering the entire world. Months of monotony are one day broken by his saving of a down on her luck showmare, and from there an interesting history unfolds: a history involving a student's faith in their teacher being shattered, Changelings, the origins of Princess Cadence, and what was once the inevitable end of the world, courtesy of the fabled Mare in the Moon.

This work acts as a life story to an anti-villain original character featured in A Journey Unthought Of and A Journey Unthought Of: Revival of Chaos

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Not every tale has a happy ending.

This is the story of one colt, now an old stallion, and his journey to the north in hope of an adventure and a chance to get his Cutie Mark. It was an archaeological expedition to the tundras that once held the great Crystal Empire. It was the discovery of King Sombra's tomb. How could it get any more exciting than that?

What exactly does Fear look like?

Cover art was created by cmaggot

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This story took a while and a lot of thinking to finally get it right, but I think the result turned out nicely. The original prompt was provided by Cytotoxin, who has helped me out on one or two of my stories before.

One morning, Applejack comes to Twilight`s library, utterly distraught. For some unfathomable reason, there is a pear tree right in the middle of her prized apple orchard. Apparently, it was always there, but Applejack never realized that. Twilight and Pinkie Pie investigate the mystery of a pear among Apples.

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This story was written as a parody of the events involved with the Season 3 finale, Magical Mystery Cure. Because if Twilight gets to be an alicorn in the canon, why can't I make anypony an alicorn?

Besides, you know who needs more attention? Big Macintosh.

On the day this idea was brewed up, a strange and altogether surreal story was created, and many laughs were had in the writing. Enjoy!

Cover image belongs to Onnanoko, and can be bought on Redbubble.com for shirts, cards, etc.

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For future reference, the character that is featured in the most recent story will be marked as the designated main character for all of the stories, seeing as there is no 'all' button available.

Hello reader! Welcome to my Anthology Project. This, as you've probably seen from the short description, is an experiment to see how much enjoyment community inspired ideas can bring back to the community. This also serves as my reward system for receiving followers from wonderful people like you, and for writing about the ideas that continue percolating in my head.

Now, I'd first like to lay down some basic ground rules:
1. No mature rated ideas will be accepted. (No clop, no gore, no exceptions) If you'd feel uncomfortable showing this idea to a perfect stranger, or your close family, don't expect me to write it.
2. Constant spamming or PMing your idea will not make me want to write it more. If, however, your idea is agreed on as being good by other people through comments or likes, I'd consider it if it doesn't break Rule 1.
3. This project will not be regularly updated, as I have another project or future ones that are much larger than this already in the works. You can take a look at my most current one here.
4. Any show character is suggestible for use. I won't be writing stories for your personal OCs, but I will write stories that contain OCs.

Now, as again stated in the Short Description, Slice of Life and one-shots are the best kind of suggestion you can make. A short Adventure or Comedy story is also good, as are Sad touchy-feely ones. Crossovers are iffy, as I don't wish to do an enormous amount of research for an idea you may suggest; make it a fairly well known franchise, and I'll take a look at it.

Now, between the two of us, we have an infinite amount of creativity and imagination! Let's see what kinds of stories we can create, shall we?

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This story is a sequel to A Journey Unthought Of

Events of the first story are explained within this story: this is an open sequel.

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have been wedded, and the Changeling menace has been repulsed. Life it seemed was returning to normal. As the weeks pass, however, the royal family is rocked by an unexpected death, and in the face of this and a renewed Changeling scare, Equestria is tossed into a state of upheaval, all while Discord's stony prison begins to weaken. Events that have been nearly fourteen hundred years in the making are now unfolding in concert, all under the guidance of some mysterious Conductor who has been influencing countless individuals, from Princesses Celestia and Luna, their mother the Maiden, to Adam the Human. How will the Elements of Harmony, the Princesses, and all the other beings involved struggle to prevent the outbreak of an Equestrian civil war and the threat of a released Discord?

Greatest accolades go to Alan Smithee, the creator of Last, who has been a fantastic editor, reader, and friend.

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When one strives for a goal, whether compelled by personal passion, a sense of atonement, or either with a touch of obsession, how easy is it to lose sight of what is truly important? When all is said and done, and a dream is accomplished, when does one take inventory of their actions and choices? Could it be that in the pursuit of the greatest kind of good, one could become the worst kind of monster? Fortunately, there can be those who stop us from taking the horrific life altering risks that could make even the brightest angel into the most abominable devil. What can last an eternity but be born in an instant, and can be both so very close but far away. What can bind both many and few, big or small, the young, the old, and the ancient together? The answer is the magic of friendship.

This is an appendix to A Journey Unthought Of, however it is not necessary to read the original work to enjoy this story, as it can stand on its own as a separate piece of fiction that enhances the established canon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This story was written before the Season 4 Premiere took place.

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The battle that defined history for hundreds of years. It is easy from a modern perspective to assume the outcome was certain; that Princess Celestia would be victorious over the deranged Nightmare Moon. The universal constant of good triumphing over evil is all but set in stone now, but in the battle these titans waged, the future was impenetrably murky. Would the day ever shine its warm rays again, or would cold, dark, unforgiving night rise and never end?

This is an appendix to A Journey Unthought of: A man's life in Equestria, however it can be treated as its own stand alone story that enhances the established canon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This story was written before the Season 4 Premiere took place.

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What makes a good mare become a monster? More often than not, it is a slow progression of many decisions and unfortunate events over a long period of time. Nightmare Moon is one of the most powerful and feared beings in Equine history, but what ultimately caused Princess Luna to embrace the darkness and try to blot out all light with eternal night?

This is an appendix to A Journey Unthought of: A man's life in Equestria, however it can be treated as its own separate story that enhances the established canon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This story was written before the Season 4 Premiere took place.

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This story is meant to be the first of many Appendices to A Journey Unthought of: A man's life in Equestria. It is recommended that to avoid confusion, you might read it first rather than this story.

Long before the events of A Journey Unthought of, it was discovered that mankind existed on the very earth that ponies walk. Darker secrets were still discovered, as humanity created nearly all the species in Equestria and beyond through genetic engineering, and were responsible for the creation of Discord. How did his creation come to pass? And what of the mysterious Maiden? What part does she have to play in being the mother to the two most powerful ponies in Equestria?

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