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Of Blades and Magic wands: Sorcerer's Stone - -Twilight

In the year 2040 humans have begun to study Magic using gems found on the face of the moon. 4 years later war, ensues between the "witches" and the MPR. one for each side ends up in equestria forced to settle differences for a common purpos

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Awkward Coversations

"Do you think they'll be alright" A female voice of concern said.

"I don't know, I've never tended to such a ... complex... creature." a quiet timid voice mumbled.

"My first humans and they're already dead!" A third voice shouted. "Oh well, I can still have their hands."
your hand twitches and folds into a fist at the sound of that.
"Well what about the other one" The timid voice of concern says.
"Well He will be alright I suppose, he took some damage going through the portal, some small bone fractures but he'll live"

~They must be talking about the thug.

"What really catches my interest is this stick thingy, I can't pick it up with my magic, it shocks me when I try and it reacts by glowing purple when I get close with my horn." The seemingly intelligent voice says.

"And it turns green when I get close to It." another voice added

"Maybe we should take it apart and find out how it works" a male child-like voice speaks up.

Your face scrunches up when you hear that, just who are these people. from the feel of the bed your in, you get the sense your not in a hospital. You try and open your eyes but were immediately assaulted by a blinding, blurry light.
You gather your energy and pull yourself up, opening you eyes in the process. This emitted a wave of gasps in the process.

You fully but lazily open your eyes to the scene in front of you. you are not in a hospital but instead inside some sort of prehistoric house. wood walls and simplistic glass windows instead of metal walls and shatter proof glass. several small doors and holes littered the room with "should be extinct" Animals leaving and entering them.

"we're am I?" you slur

you look around at your company.

Ponies and a lizard, some you have met in the forest and some (and the lizard) are new to you. but wait. where was the other guy they were talking about? you look around the frozen ponies then to your left where a mound of fabric was covering something.

you hesitantly grab the edge of the cloth and pull it over.

Twili Vision

I can't believe you put me in the same bed as.... him!
the conscious human said from the floor beside the bed it has fallen from

"whats wrong with him" you ask in concerned confusion.

The human seemed to have paused, it looks around us and back to the human on top of the bed.

"Hes human that's what! " lightning struck the window as all the ponies gasp... wait, what?

you look around at your friends, they all seemed to have that "wait what" look on their faces. even spike who was riding on your back.

but.... you're human too aren't you? Lyra said.

I am human yes, but I am a magical human, I am what he calls "A witch "

"~Hm,this is interesting" you thought to yourself.

"Witches are truly interesting; They are creatures who normally wouldn't have magic but over a odd course of events, received it. Of course, earth ponies and pegasi have their own type of magic. But if a earth pony or pegasi were to harness arcane energy, well that's just unethical. on days like Nightmare night, earth ponies and pegasi dress as witches in tradition garbs to symbolize the magic they believe they have, locked away in the depths of their hearts. most unicorns despise that idea, adamantly believing that magic comes from the horn, not from the heart. but if this glowing wand somehow supports hornless magic, then maybe... just maybe.."

"Hey twilight" spike said, tugging at your ear. "spacing out again"

"So If your a witch, and he's a... "

"some witches call magic-less humans magless, i despise that name, really I do. But this guy is a thug. he attacked me just before I got sucked in here. so hes just a stupid magless in my eyes" The human glared at the sleeping human with anger and disappointment on its face.

"So this human just attacked you? why?" Fluttershy mustered her will to ask.

Because witches and "magless" are enemies and are at war.

lightning struck the window again, illuminating the humans face with blunt fury .

"Ok who is doing that?" You say out of annoyance.

You head towards the window and to see a trail of rainbow stream over the rooftops and into the clouds above
~guess it wasn't a storm after all

"So what of this war?" you ask the human.


{Anon Pov}
Everything happened quite quickly
The room was filled with a cloud of dust followed by some stomping and more crashes.
When the dust cleared, you were now on the ground under a snarling, blue Pegasis.

"What are you doing to my friends Alien!" The feminine looking stallion shouts into your ear.

You didn't know what to say to this, you also weren't about to take anything from somepony so much shorter than you.

"D-Dude Pony ... thing, would you be so kind as to GETOFFME" You shout back.

"Rainb-" Twilight started

"DUDE??!?! That's what you think I am, a dude??" The Gender confusing pegasis shouted.

"Rainbow" Twilight repeated

You get the sense from the pony's reaction that it is indeed NOT a Dude.
"Its a figure of speech" you deadpan

"Some figure of speech, I'm not getting off until you answer my question: What kind of creature are you and what are you doing in Fluttershy's house" She points to the yellow pegasis who was now hiding behind twilight who now looked like she was about to burst.

"You ponies are all sorts of weird aren't you" You say to the bunch
You turn back to The rainbow pony

"I don't have to answer to somepony who is nowhere near my size. I'm fed up of being attacked all the time because of who I am!" You reach your hand out to twilight, the wand she was holding shakes and rips itself from her grip flew to your hand. You then point it right between the pony's nose, her eyes narrow at the tip of the glowing red rod.

"I won't ask again. Please get off me, Or I will turn you into a Rainbow tailed rabbit" You say sternly.

She snaps out of her moderate daze and laughs, pushing the wand out of her face.
"Ha! you honestly expect me to believe that stick can turn me into a rabbit? Ha that sounds like magic, and only unicorns and witches can do magic. everyone knows witches are nothing but stupid Halloween characters for fillies. and you don't have a horn so your not a unicorn. So what are you? some sort of witch?"

It was interesting how she put all that together.

"Dudepony, you don't even know. "

The wand makes a ringing noise followed by a blinding light.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Minutes Later-

"You didn't have to turn her into a rabbit." Twilight scolded.

"#$%#$@@" The rainbow bunny shouted in her new found rabbit language, no one but Fluttershy could understand her now.
What concerned you most was the weird white bunny hiding under the table making weird seductive expressions to the rainbow bunny. Rainbow Hop (What you call her now) Can no longer move due to Fluttershy's vice cuddle grip.

"Change her back, I'm sure she learned her lesson now." Twilight said. She had a stern look as if she wasn't going to take no for a answer.

You sigh.. you were having fun with this.
You raise your wand once more. It begins to ring again following that was a glow that slowly increased on the tip.
Just when the wand's brightness reached its prime, A loud crackling replaced the ringing, The Glow decreased to a more sombre red until there was no glow left at all.

"Well dammit." You say pouting.

"What happened, what's wrong?" Twilight said to you, a slight panic tone occupied her voice.

"Seems that I have run out of magic." you bluntly say.

Twilight shouted in your ear. These ponies really need to learn volume control.

"You can If you are using a wand without a sorcerer's stone powering it." you reply which was followed by a tiny nervous laugh.

"Well when can it be used again?" Lyra says.

"Dunno, until I find some sort of sorcerer's stone or something to substitute for it I guess"

"Well you can wait!" Twilight said, ripping rabbitdash from fluttershy's grip which primed a small yelp from the yellow pegasis. "I'm going to see if I can change her back" Twilight said, storming out of the cottage.

With Twilight gone,
You, fluttershy and lyra took the time to get to know each other.
You spent some time explaining how your planet works and about the magic and history more in depth. You and Lyra had a short... well, decently timed Q&A session. The rest of the day went be quite quickly, you apologized for turning the blue pony into a rabbit which the fluttershy and Lyra forgived.

With nothing else to do, the three of you decided to play some Marenoply™ which seemed oddly enough like the game monopoly you played as a child.

In depth in the game nopony noticed another human get up and sneak into the kitchen, grabbing a knife.

To be continued

Author's Note:

Twilight: Finish that chapter
Me: Nuu i don't want to.
Twilight: the quicker its finished the quicker you can take another break
Me: B-b-but Dragon's nesssst

Ok enough of that.

THANK YOU ALL for the rating and constructive criticism It really helps making this story shine.
Sorry this took so long, I had.... um.... school.. yea, school

real life sucks you know.

anyways stay tuned for the next chapter coming,.... when ever i feel like it


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"Well when can i be used again?" Lyra says.

uh... you might want to do something about that

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