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Of Blades and Magic wands: Sorcerer's Stone - -Twilight

In the year 2040 humans have begun to study Magic using gems found on the face of the moon. 4 years later war, ensues between the "witches" and the MPR. one for each side ends up in equestria forced to settle differences for a common purpos

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Magical Discharge

"Who knew that we would get this far, Humans. Magical creatures of the planet earth. Its was only centuries ago that humans believed magic didn't exist. and even longer that humans executed each other because of it. Now, In the year 2040. Humans are at war because of it." Our teacher read to us from the history book. She flicked a small hand sized rod, making the pages of her book flip one after another. half the students replied in kind. I was one of those students.

"But miss arkman" you call out. "Why do we fight. surly this is not all because of the magic some people have and the others don't"

"Yea, why do they have to be so violent when they're jealous." another student, blurted out.

"Its not about jealousy." The teacher answered. "Its because, well.... about a year after we discovered the Moon rock that we now call the "sorcerer's stone." it let off a sort of energy. that energy had mixed affects. To half of the world it made people very very sick and to the other half It did nothing. For those who didn't get sick were greeted by these weird supernatural powers we call magic." she said flicking her 'wand" which instantly ignited a candle on the far side of the room. The other half eventually got better, of course but they were angry. they accused our magic and our stone of being dangerous and unnatural. They tried to get rid of the stone. The humans that fought for the stone are now called "witches" an ancient word from our ancestors. a couple years back it would have been derogatory but was recently changed to something less of a compliment.

"Um, miss." one quiet barely audible voice squeaks from behind a desk.
"I tried using magic before without a wand and it never works, it only ends up burning my hand." the student showed the teacher her hand that was covered in blisters, markings, and burns.

The teacher examined the wounds a shuddered.
"You should really see a doctor about that."

The student looked clearly unsatisfied.

"Oh! the question. well the magic comes from the stone currently residing in the north pole. The stone is connected to several other smaller ones in each major city through something called "ley lines." when a person thinks to casts a spell, the wand sends out a signal to your major city's stone, that stone then sends a signal to the main sorcerer's stone in the north, the stone in the north generates the energy needed to cast said spell. the energy then returns to your major stone and back to your wand. this all happens in a matter of seconds." The Ms arkman finishes with a demonstration of her own magic. her wand lights up along with all the student's text books. the book then rise above the students heads and shut themselves, slowly floating to the bookshelf.

The bell rings and class is dismissed

"Don't expect me to do this everyday you guys. just because you have magic doesn't mean you cant get off your lazy butts and do things with your hands. " The teacher cried out to the students who were already gone.

Yea lets be fair to the "magless" one student laughed, shoving a short kid with long black hair. he fell to the ground.
The word again, magless . that's the word witches used to those who didn't have magic. Even though the war is not even in this country but is instead in the north; they're is still a lot of problems with how the "magless" and the witches treat each other. every day you go to lunch you see them, the MPR harassing witches in the streets. and witches attacking the MPR. of course its illegal, and you may get arrested and your wand confiscated. But it still happens, left right and center.

"we're all adults here lets be mature about things!" well. your only 17 but you're mature enough to tell whats right and wrong.
You help the other kid up and magically stack his books that were scattered across the hallways. he gets up immediately, picking up the books in his ascent. he quickly turns on his heals and walks off, blush streaked across his face. he left, mumbling something about magic and witches being evil.

you stood there, in the empty hallway, betrayed and confused.
I just don't know what wen't wrong.
Somewhere beyond the horsehead nebula 1,500 light years away. same time.

"Lyra get down from there!"
Bonbon cried out to her mare friend who was about 15 feet in the air via tree.

"I can't I need to set up this atomic reactor dish."
The green unicorn replied from the top of the everfree tree.

"Lyra this is ridiculous, I have told you over a million times, HUMANS DON'T EXIST. your a bucking musician. If they really were floating up there don't you think somepony more qualified would have found them?" A lavender unicorn shouted out to the tree pony."

"Yea and that's my favorite pot your using up there too" Twilight looked at bonbon as if she wasn't listening to a single thing she said.

"Just one more minute!" Lyra cried. She begins twisting some wires.

"al'ight I'm here, what did you need me for twi'?" A orange hornless pony with a stetson said.

"Applejack I need you to buck lyra...." applejack cocked her head.
"Gee twilight you know I'm not into that fillyfooling business" Apllejack mumbled.

"wha- no! I mean buck her out of that tree. she on one of Those moments again.

Applejack sighed.
"This ought'a be her third time this week."

Applejack approached the tree, taking of her stetson and placing it on twilight's head.

"Alright sugercube you had your fun but this ought to stop before you hurt yourself or somepony. get down from there" Applejack sternly commanded.

there was silence.

"No" Lyra bluntly stated.

Applejack was losing her patience. "Imma gonna give you 4 seconds to apologize and say your coming down before I buck you to next week!"

"Applejack I didn't know you were a fillyfooler" Lyra replied from up the tree.

"I *buck* AM * Buck* Not

Lyra fell from the tree at an alarming rate only to be caught be Twilight's magic grasp before she hit the ground. But that's not all that happened.

The reactor dish/ cooking bot. started shaking and twirling and making beeping noises.

"W-whats happening??" Twilight asked in worry

We found something.... WE FOUND A HUMAN! she cried out, attempting to ascend the tree again. Twilight pulled her down again.

"It doesn't matter where I am now." Lyra said with a smirk.


Milky way galaxy 1,500 lightyears away
"Leave me alone, jerks." You say, shoving past a few of them only to be blocked by them again.
"How bout you give me your wand and money and I won't think of hurting you." One of them whispers in your ear.

wh- This is what this is all about? Because of the magic? Well I'm not giving you anything, go away. you say, now pointing the green glowing rod towards the leaders face.

"Really, that's all you got?" The leader began walking towards you as if the wand didn't exist. you pull your extended arm back as he gets closer. he was towering over you.

The blond teenager with the blue and brown unmatching eyes reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

you quickly react quickly, raising the wand and as he takes a slicing attempt at you. You attempt to back up but were too slow, the blade hits your cheek leaving a small cut on it. The people around you and him back up to create a small circle. neither of you could leave now.

closing you eyes for a second you think of what you want to do. Your wand glows from green to a healthy orange color.
it begins to spark as fire consumes the tip, the ball of flame expands at the tip, ready to be launched at whoever was in front of it.

some of the gang members back up, some leave all together but the real perpetrator remains where he was.
"I'll say this again: back off or I'll burn you worst than my cooking." the remaining crowd members make "ooing" noises.

"Well then, If that's how it is bring it on!" he yells, charging at you with his knife.
For that one moment, time seemed to slow. you felt like you had all the time in the world to defend against the slowly approaching danger.

you raise the wand more, ready to finish the spell...


Just then as you reach one, a blinding light appears at the tip of the wand, blinding you and the people in front.
"T-thats not fire" you try to say over the sudden gusts of wind coming from all sides.

By now, every remaining thug ran away and it was only you and the paralyzed MPR gang leader left. you wanted to stop the spell, to just let go and run, leaving fate for the thug. but you couldn't. literally.

The wind that was swirling around you from skirt to hair was begging to leave and space a gap between you and the thug.
the wind changed color from clear and invisible to a dark purple glow. The wind kept swirling until it formed what looked like a Portal.

A portal? like the ones from fantasy stories and cliché fanfiction, yea, thats what it was. and it was now pulling you in.
with all your effort you dug your feet in. and tried to shut the portal, chanting all the cancellation and failsafe spell words you learn in primary magic classes.

The thug dug his fingers in to dirt, trying to restrain himself from the pulling force.

Little did they know the same thing was happening on another planet.


Somewhere beyond the horsehead nebula 1,500 light years away.

Applejack, Twilight, Bonbon, and Lyra were all being pushed back by the reactor that was now generating a portal.
Twilight dug her hoofs in, her horn glowing with lavender fury. She mumbled all the failsafe and cancellation spell she knew. setting up magical damage wards. so the portal doesn't collapse in on itself. flipping the universe inside-out and making it swallow in on its self when suddenly a hoof sized metal glowing stick comes out of the portal and bonks twilight on the head.

Milky way galaxy 1,500 light years away.

you were now on the ground, grabbing onto a tree trunk as well. Your wand is long gone and you are now praying that the other end of the portal isn't in deep space or 80 feet in the air. you begin to pull yourself up when you were assaulted by a newspaper. you fall back, no longer restrained by anything you get instantly sucked in.

"Ugh Its last weeks paper too"

Beyond horsehead nebula 1,500 light years away {Everfree grove}

The portal was no beyond out of hoof.
Twilight and her friends were now holding onto whatever they could find.
The portal shrunk for a moment the expanded bigger than ever, shooting out something big in the process. The portal shrunk again visibly calming down.

"Well, that was interesting." Lyra mumbled. "Hey wait! what was that thing that came out of there? is it a human?"

"ugh ENOUGH ABOUT HUMANS" Twilight shouted. she approached Lyra as if she was going to punch the mare little did she know, there was a shadow rising up from behind her.


"T-t- twilight..." Applejack, Lyra, and bonbon all said in unison.

This needs to stop lyra! your nuts! and you should be cowering because you almost DESTROYED the everfree! I'm not sure why your cowering Applejack and either you BonBon but I'm talking to Lyra this time.

"T-t twilight.. Behind y-you."

It took twilight a moment to pick up on whats going on, seeing the shadow that wasn't her own.

Twilight, slowly turned around to the sight of a Giant .

"H-hi" It says.

Author's Note:

OMG this may be the first time I've ever been so inspired/serious about a fic made by me. despite all the fics i've made this is actually my very first fic idea. I just knew that this idea was so great in my eyes that I had to wait until i got better at story writing. you know, so I don't screw it up. Ugh this story is messing with my mind so intimidating!

So now i need you, my viewers to give me the MOST CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM YOU HAVE EVER GIVEN ME. This fic is more important than any other I've ever made and I neeeeed your help to write it.. yes you! sitting there in front of the monitor! scroll down and give me some opinions and Ideas!

Also. Ps, totally did not steal the magical theories and shared magic concept idea from Little witch academia , sue me >:(