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Sombra failed. His precious Crystal Empire was taken away from him. But he may have found the key to getting it back in the form of a unicorn foal with great magical potential.

20 years later he and his allies are ready to execute their plan to take over Equestria and the Crystal Empire. But their scheme hinges on a marriage between the heirs of Sombra and Chrysalis. Princess Pumpkin Patch has been groomed her whole life to be the crystal queen, but when she meets a spunky farmfilly she begins to make her own plans. Love in a life that's held nothing but hate could be the only thing that can stop Sombra's Crystal Gambit.

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I am intrigued by this. I shall be watching for the rest to come

Poor Pumpkin

I.....fucking......LOVED THIS!!! omg you should totally make another chapter!:pinkiehappy: Just don't ship pinkie with him... :ajbemused:

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