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When Elita Wild first got command of the exploration ship Gaiacross she had seen it as a great new step in her career. She never expected to be asked to pursue Predacon criminals who had broken out of prison and taken an old Decepticon ship to parts unknown. She never expected to crash land her first ship on a world that defied the laws of physics of the known universe. A world inhabited by sentient ponies, among other things.

When Scootaloo and Dinky left for school this morning they never expected to encounter a new pegasus pony with a mask for a cutie mark and a strange name. They never expected to be attacked by strangely similar looking unicorns that suddenly turned into monsters. They never expected their new friend to be a robot from outer space!

Written first for the Lunaverse April 2013 writting event. This non-canon story only recquires a passing knowledge of the Lunaverse to understand.

For official chronological order of Lunaverse stories, and everything Lunaverse, please come visit us in the Lunaverse Group!

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Welcome to this odd corner of the internet.

The chapter is well written, with the exception of a few spelling errors.

Dinky couldn't help but flinch in pain when it's Ron split apart down the middle.

Unless the preds were carrying around ginger wizards, I believe you meant horn not Ron. Aside from that I have very few complaints.

The predacon's designs(as far as I could understand them) were very creative.

Oh and Atomic-Chincilla's Transmetal 2 Rainbow Dash is best Maximal!

2436845 that part was written on my iPad and I think the autocorrect got a little creative... I'll fix that up. Thanks for the tip, and the link!

Beside it would have been a crime
Now that the bystanders where racing ahead
Old while the filly took her scooter into the wood, asking her passenger to hold on tight
Elita lept on top of his back, them bounced away to land
Elita seemed to under stand
The bug in question lounged at her with a scythe extended

1. Besides.
2. Were.
3. Uhh... you lost me here...
4. Then.
5. Extra spacing.
6. Lunged.

This got my favourite before any like or comment because; 1. Beast Wars, my childhood. You did it justice. 2. You are an excellent writer which further prompts even more reason to favourite. 3. I can't get the image of the beast wars style designs out of my head and now they've plopped into Equestria. If that makes sense.:twilightblush:

2439430 Thanks for the compliments :pinkiehappy:

Urk that autocorrect again... I was in way too much of a rush to post this I guess. I'll need to recheck the whole thing for other abnormalities.

This got me wondering, would some other essence of the original Beast Wars get introduced? Namely stasis pods. I just would love to see if anpony found it (saw what's inside too) and well... General awesomeness! Also getting scanned, that's awesome.


well thats just prime

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