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When Professor Oak tries to visit another dimension he never imagined it would be inhabited. Much less by the colorful ponies of Equestria. The populations of both pokemon and humans are climbing steadily, and he fears that the situation may one day be untenable. So now he turns to this new land and asks them if they will help bear this burden. When you have more than 150 species of friends to take care of what can you do besides everything physically possible?

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This is interesting. Please continue.

Good story I would like to see this continue I do injoy that you used the original Pokemon starters

This looks promising. :trixieshiftright: Please continue. :scootangel: (Oh, and I say go with 2)

Looks okay for the most part, but I did notice a number of times when you didn't put the opening quotation marks on a fresh paragraph of someone speaking so you might want to double check that. Grammar rules state that if someone speaks enough for it to carry over to a new paragraph without a break, you can end a paragraph without closing the quotation marks, but you still have to open the new paragraph with them to show that the person is still speaking rather than it being description of something happening.

Beyond that, it doesn't look bad so I'll keep a watch on it for a bit.

2380523 I wasn't aware of this rule so I went back and fixed it. Thank you for the help :raritywink::yay:

Watching only because Charmander is Best starter. Other than that keep up the good work on it, though keep up a decent pace with the story. It felt like you were flying a million miles a minute personally.

Damn good man keep.it up

Where are the updates

Why won't u update?

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