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The Most Powerful Magic - FicFicPonyFic

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Chapter 1


Quite possibly one of the oddest structures in Ponyville was the tree house growing in the center of town. Not only was the hollowed out oak living despite ponies having taken residence in it, it was flourishing and was taller than some of the more normal looking domiciles in the area. In addition, the tree contained the town's one and only library.

While the library was never a particularly popular spot in town, it was almost never empty like it was currently. It's unicorn caretaker was not there perusing the shelves, pulling down anything that interested her. In fact the caretaker's dragon assistant had made sure that the place was clean before he had left for his day's errands. Were the library a sentient being capable of speech, it might express some thanks for the bit of privacy it was granted this day.

However, like all good things, it was not to last.

A purple blur crashed through the entrance to the library, not bothering to close the door behind her. She knew that it's flimsy wood would not stop her pursuer for long. As quickly as she could, she ran up the stairs leading to her room and slammed the door behind her. Hearing trampling hoofsteps bounding up the stairs, she lit her horn and picked up her bed, her dresser, and anything else she could lift with her magic and piled them against the door. Throwing herself against the makeshift barrier, she braced herself for an impact, which quickly came with a loud thump and a surprised "Ow!".

Twilight Sparkle sighed with relief. Her barricade had only budged slightly at the collision. Shifting the load in front of the door slightly she peeped through the keyhole. On the other side of the door was a pink-maned earth pony with her eyes closed, rubbing her forehead in pain. Twilight was hit with a twinge of regret for hurting her friend, but it was soon wiped away when the pink party pony suddenly jumped up on all fours and knocked on the door with her head, causing the fortification to rock much more than Twilight thought possible. Pulling her attention away from the keyhole, Twilight adjusted the items in front of the door the best she could in case her friend attempted another assault on her temporary fortress.

"Our first date and already you want to take me back to your bedroom? I must be good! Oh but Twilight you silly filly, you locked the door with me on the wrong side!" Pinkie Pie said.

"W-what made you think we were on a date?", Twilight said with a thrill of horror, a heavy box she had been repositioning falling out of mid-air as she lost concentration.

"Well duh! When I asked you out you were so happy that you screamed! Then we went on a romantic jogging tour of Ponyville! Don't you remember? Is all that knowledge in your head knocking your memories away? That only happened like a few minutes ago, Twilight!" Pinkie Pie replied with a snorting giggle.

"I remember the running quite well, but I assure you I do not remember anything about that being a date. I don't even like you like that Pinkie Pie!" Twilight said with a small grumble. The bookish unicorn thought that Pinkie had a rather skewed view of the events that just transpired. Twilight had been sitting in the park, minding her own business and reading a book about Haynman's lost lectures on planetary motion when she had been tackled by a pink blur screaming a war cry of "My one true love!" She had managed to pry herself from the obviously crazed earth pony and tried her best to lose her among the various backstreets and houses in Ponyville. Pinkie seemed to be two steps ahead of wherever she went however, as everywhere the Princess' protege tried to run she was ambushed by a bubblegum pink pony appearing out of a container or flowerpot, or on one frighteningly memorable occasion, out of a cake when she had tried seeking refuge at Sugarcube Corner.

"What? That's impossible, you HAVE to love me Twilight! One of the most powerful magics in this or any other world is bringing us together! Couldn't you sense it? Can't you feel it?" Pinkie Pie begged.

Clearly her friend had finally cracked. Twilight always thought that Pinkie was a bit more unhinged than most of the other ponies in this town, but she was clearly having some sort of mental breakdown. Twilight had been worried about her lately. The day after Rarity and Fluttershy's "Congratulations-You-Two-Finally-Got-Together-What-Took-You-Guys-So-Long Party" she seemed to get rather clingy and her antics rather more frantic. This trend continued and worsened after Rainbow Dash and Applejack got together. As calmly as possible, the concerned purple unicorn said, "I am sorry, but I just don't like you in that way Pin-"

"YOU CANNOT DENY THE PINKIE SPARKLE!" Pinkie Pie said, cutting off Twilight and banging on the door with her hooves. "Now open this door so we can confess, make passionate love, get married, and somehow have lesbian babies through the use of magic!"

Shocked by the bluntness, Twilight replied, "P-Pinkie Pie, what are you saying! That's cra-"

"You're right!" Pinkie pie interrupted again giggling, "What was I thinking? Twilight Pie rolls off the tongue so much better!"

"Pinkie..." Twilight said a little more sternly.

"No good? How about Twi-Pie?"

"Pinkie! I DO NOT LIKE YOU IN THAT WAY!" bellowed Twilight in a voice louder than she meant it to be. There was silence, and then she heard a soft popping noise, followed by something that sounded akin to the deflation of a balloon. Peeping out the keyhole once again, Twilight saw a dejected looking pink pony sitting on her haunches looking at the door, her hair hanging loosely at her sides.

In a voice that made Twilight's heart almost break in two, Pinkie Pie said, "Can't you even give our love a chance? You might like it and be happy..." at which point her spastic friend lunged at the keyhole, forcing her head through, her exclamation of "FOREVER!" cut short by a pair of purple hooves doing their best to shove the furry pink intruder back to the side of the door the rest of her body was on.

After that there was a silence that seemed to stretch on for a good minute. Looking out the keyhole again, she saw a pair of big blue eyes staring back at her. Feeling that she should break the lull in conversation, Twilight Sparkle asked, "I'm sorry Pinkie Pie. This is just so random, even for you! It's completely out of no where! I mean, you've never shown any affection for me before this! Why now all of a sudden?"

"Never shown any affection? Do you remember the first thing I did when I saw you in Ponyville?" Pinkie said.

"Err... You jumped into the air and gasped?"

"Yeah, and what did I say to you?"

"Uh, nothing, you kinda ran away after that to plan a party..."

Pointing a hoof at Twilight, Pinkie said, "Exactly! I was just so stunned by your beauty, your grace, your obvious intelligence! I couldn't speak, I couldn't think of anything to say! Have you ever seen me unable to say anything? That would be like Applejack not being able to buck a tree, or Rainbow Dash not wanting to race someone! It just doesn't happen! I knew when I saw you that I needed to do something extra special to get your attention, so I threw you the biggest welcoming party I could and invited every single pony in Ponyville! I brought my favorite hot sauce for the cupcakes! I even brought my favorite game, Pin the tail on the Pony! I was hoping that when you were having tons of fun and making tons of friends you would think back to a certain pink pony who made it all happen and maybe ask her out for pizza or a smoothie or something..."

Thinking about it, Twilight realized that her welcoming party ( the little she saw of it anyway) had been quite a bit more spectacular than any other welcoming party Pinkie had thrown. It was certainly much more grandiose than Gilda's party. At the time she had just assumed that's what Pinkie Pie did was throw large parties, but maybe she did care for her? Maybe she should just... No! What was she thinking?

"W-well, be that as it may... That was a bit subtle. I don't know how you expected me to-"

"What about later that day! Or maybe I should say the next day? It wasn't quite day yet after all... Well whatever! I had the feeling that my true and honest feelings weren't getting through, so I said something to you at the Summer Sun Celebration! Do you remember what it was?" Pinkie said, frowning.

"Err, it was, uh..."

Hitching a giant grin on her face that contrasted horribly with her straightened hair, she said, "Isn't this exciting? Are you excited, 'cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited, well, except for that time that I saw you walking into town and I went" Pinkie stopped here to gasp and make a goofy face. She then finished, "but I mean really, who can top that?"

Letting the sad look back onto her face, the deflated earth pony continued, "Why would I say something like that to somepony I had met only hours before unless there was some deeper meaning too it?"

Twilight Sparkle didn't honestly have an answer to that question. Once again, she simply assumed it to be part of her bubbly nature. Desperately trying to think of a way out of this, she said, "Even then, that quite a long while ago! If you had dropped more hints maybe I might have-".

"Dropped more hints! Who was the first person I came to when I was having problems with Dashie during the whole Gilda episode? Who was trying their hardest to gather instruments to fight off Parasprites so that her perfect purple protege pony could have a nice day with her god-empress mentor? Who did their best to make sure a certain bookish pony didn't reveal her friend's secrets and lose them as friends and be sad? Not to mention how embarrassingly obvious I was when were fighting over the gala tickets..." Pinkie finished with a sigh.

"Gala tickets? What do you mean?", Twilight asked, quickly cursing her naturally inquisitive nature.

Pinkie Pie flushed slightly, but said, "Once I figured out that those two tickets weren't bats, I thought I knew immediately what Celestia wanted you to do with them... A pair of tickets to one of the most prestigious and romanticized events in ponydom? You obviously had to look for a date! You can imagine my shock and confusion when every single one of our friends was trying to court you... I mean I figured it out pretty fast that you were just looking for a companion to go with, but even if we had just gone as friends, that would have made me the happiest pony in the world! I even did my best with that song I sang..."


Pinkie Pie sighed again, and then started singing,

~Twilight is my bestest friend, whoopee
She's the cutest, smartest, all around best po-nee
I bet if I throw a super-duper fun par-tee
She'll give her extra ticket to the Gala to me!~

"...that second line is the most important one! For a while, I even thought my feelings had finally gotten through... That day when you found out about my pinkie sense you did nothing but follow me around all day! Even if you were just watching, even if it was just because you wanted to find out more about my pinkie sense and not more about me, it filled my heart with a joy I haven't felt since the first time I saw the sonic rainboom! You even strapped me to a machine down in your basement! I mean, I was a bit disappointed because that didn't end up going the direction I thought it was going, but it was still exciting nonetheless!" Pinkie said, a single tear sliding down the side of her face.

Twilight hadn't heard most of that last paragraph however, she had simply sat with her mouth hanging open. She wasn't even looking through the keyhole anymore, she was just too shocked. How had she not realized how much Pinkie Pie cared for her? After that marvelously pink pony (pink like the glorious rise of dawn, now that she thought on it a little longer) had explained it the love she felt almost seemed far too obvious! Twilight knew she wasn't the most socially aware pony around, but she thought she was better than that... Maybe she should...

"Hey, Pinkie? Let's give us a shot... I must be crazy, but let's try", Twilight said, carefully removing the lighter objects from the top of the pile in front of the door.

Almost immediately after this announcement. Twilight heard a sound like air rushing into something. Handing the flowerpot she was holding to the pony behind her, Twilight glanced through the keyhole again and saw no cotton candy maned pony. Then quickly realizing that there shouldn't be a pony behind her, she spun around to see puffy pink hair and sky blue eyes looking happily back at her. "Pinkie! How did you get inside this room?!"

Taking no other notice of the question than a brief silence and a blink, Pinkie said, "Did you mean what you said? Did you mean it when you said you love me forever and ever and never want to be apart from me?"

"Well, I didn't exactly say all that but-" but Twilight didn't get to finish, as her mouth was quickly filled with the pretty pink party pony's perky tongue. Twilight had her eyes opened in shock at first, but then she slowly closed them as the feeling of Pinkie's lips washed over her. This wasn't like being kissed on the cheek or on the forehead. It burnt, but burnt in a good way, a fulfilling burn that filled her whole body. Through this however, something Pinkie said earlier entered her head and wouldn't leave...

Freeing herself from Pinkie and making a slight suction noise in the process, Twilight asked, "Pinkie Pie, when you said one of the most powerful magics in the world was bringing us together did you mean... The magic of friendship?"

"No silly!", Pinkie Pie giggled, grabbed Twilight Sparkle around the shoulders with one leg and pointing out a window with the other, "It's a special kind of magic, one that can't be cast by anypony. A magic known for being the ultimate in ad-hoc reasoning. A magic older than ponydom itself..." Grabbing the purple unicorn suddenly by both shoulders and staring straight into her eyes, she continued, "...The magic of 'pairing the spares'!"

Looking at Pinkie, Twilight said confused, "Pairing the...?"

But all questions were quickly put out of her mind as Pinkie planted another deep kiss on her lips.

"Whatever this magic is...", Twilight thought to herself, wrapping her hooves around Pinkie's neck, "I approve greatly!"


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BWAHAHAHAHA! Pinkie's insane troll logic, the logic of the Shippers from hind time and space, obviously sees the truth again! :pinkiehappy:
And truly, that is a strong magic she speaks of, verily and stuff.:pinkiecrazy:

Ahahaha, this was the BEST possible way to ship Twilight and Pinkie. Cheers to you! :rainbowwild:

I approve as well, miss Sparkle.

I also approve the fic. Nice read indeed. :pinkiesmile:


A wonderful tale. Love always finds a way.

I love it, it's very cute and really nice^^

hah pairing the spares

Dohoho, Dat slaps me on da knee!

"And make lesbian babies through the power of magic!" -Pinkie Pie

.Win. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

I-but she-and they-WHAT DID I JUST READ?!?
don't get me wrong, it captured Pinkie's character perfectly, but what just happened?

"You even strapped me to a machine down in your basement! I mean, I was a bit disappointed because that didn't end up going the direction I thought it was going, but it was still exciting nonetheless!" - Best Line...

This was just a fun as hell fic. And that ending reasoning was just brilliant.

I think somewhere in those first few rambles there was something RESEMBLING logic, but I'm having a hard time being completely sure. Even when she's being sincere and serious, Pinkie can never stop the random.

And to think... MY pair the spares was Fluttershy and Rarity. At the start. And then there was "Green is not your color." Wow. Suddenly Flarity became canon. But I've always been in favor of this pairing. :pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

Some things we wonder about fanfiction sometimes.

Entertaining indeed. :twilightsmile:

I keep throwing money at my screen but its not working! :pinkiegasp::raritydespair:

This was painful to read.

Dear Princess Celestia:
Today I learned that even if I've never felt romantic feelings for a particular pony, that a debate about it can prove me wrong. I learned that a pony can force me to love them through incessant begging. I also learned that how much effort someone spent in dropping me hints is somehow relevant to whether or not I date them. I am now in love with Pinkie Pie, because she says so.
Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.

Just no.

Ok, I don't know how you got the idea that Twilight loves Pinkie, all she said she was willing to give a friend who confessed her love and all the things she did to show it before a chance.

As for her approval of the magic, Pinkie is just a damn fine kisser. and in all likely tastes incredibly sweet.

Good story, many laughs.

2414809 omg lol! Just no lol love it!

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