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Blah. I'll do this later.


When the severely damaged Galactica makes an emergency blind jump away from the Cylon Colony, it encounters a strange new world of magic and talking ponies. The Colonials, desperate to settle down on a new world, are eager for the chance to put their troubles behind them and start anew on Equestria, but humanity's violent past makes many on Equestria nervous. Despite the fears of the planet's native inhabitants, the Colonial military cannot simply lay down their weapons only one jump away from the Cylons' former home base. Because the desperate, dying remains of the Cylons are still out there, and even a dying beast has sharp claws...

Note: I'm not even going to try to explain all the ridiculous plot twists of neo-BSG. I'll try to make things understandable to everybody, but those who haven't seen the show will likely miss out on a fair amount.

Okay, so I pretty much did this on impulse. I've never really been a part of the MLP fanfiction community beyond reading stuff, and I know my writing probably leaves a lot to be desired. If anyone is interested in helping me with editing/pre-reading, please contact me.

Also, this story contains references to AdmiralTigerclaw's story "Higher Flyer", which you should really read anyway because it is awesome.

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In spite of myself ... I really like it. Get yourself a cover image and get to work writing more! I hope this doesn't become too dark, though. I also hope you work in the religious/mythological/mystical aspects of Galactica, and also keep the magical sparkly wonderfulness of Equestria intact. :rainbowdetermined2:

The obvious other way to do this fic would have been to have the characters of Galactica BE our heroes (I'm not sure who would be who, of course, except that Trixie would be Baltar). :raritywink:

Anyway, keep on keeping on! :twilightsmile:

This has potential...

Looks pretty good so far. Tracking.

I was skeptical when I saw this, but then I took your writing to the face.

This is REALLY good. Starbuck and the others are all in character, your writing is descriptive, and dialogue is smooth and easy to follow. For frak's sakes, KEEP WRITING! :yay:

Just a request: if you have a group of pilots named, can you name one John "Draxis" Dawson? Hes rhe leader of my wing on Battlestar Galactica Online, and hes a really cool guy. Maybe he goes with the ground team that is sure to be sent (make sure he flies a Viper mk 2) If you do that, makes sure his wingmate is Lawrence Anderson, callsign "Purvis". ( thats me, in the game i am wingmate for Draxis, and I use a Viper mk 2) its ok if you dont want to do this, but it would be cool to tell Draxis that hes in a story!

Thanks for remembering that the crew of the Galactica would know full well what a "pegasus" is, given that its sister ship was named just that. :yay:

P.S. Sweetie Belle may or may not be a Cylon. Better get to work on that detector! :unsuresweetie:

I'm open to the idea of using other people's names for more pilots, but no promises. What I really need at the moment is Raptor pilots, since not very many of those have been given confirmed names and several of the ones that were are dead. Athena and Red Devil are two of the only three canon Raptor pilots that are still alive, and of those Athena is the only one that is anything more than a name on a duty roster someplace.
One thing I can tell you regarding the mystical/religious BSG stuff is that the confirmed existence of magic is going to be a massive boost to Baltar's cult, assuming he can manage to manipulate things properly.

I'd make a cover image, except I have no talent whatsoever with image editing. I'll still give it a try, but I don't think it'll be particularly good.

Also, I'm making a minor edit. The encounter with Dainty Dish is being changed slightly, because I realized it was pretty dumb of the Colonials to not try to get in radio contact with the "airplane" they picked up on DRADIS.


I imagine most of the Viper pilots could fly a Raptor in a pinch. Didn't several of them do so when they had to fly through that radioactive nebula?

>> steve_the_slim Well, one guy in my wing called VeeDub flys a Raptor. He doesnt have a set name, so you could make it whatever you want, but hypothetically it would start with V and have dub in it. Maybe Vladimir DuBois? His guy even looks Russian. :moustache: BTW, Purvis is trained to fly a Raptor (I have one in the game) so you could use him for that as well.

Hmmm Galactica mixed with mlp.... interesting...

Its nice to see so many bronies who are also Galactica fans. Anybody play Battlestar Galactica Online? Im on the Caprica server.

Ok, snagged you some Raptor jocks from the 3rd Colonial Squadron (Vigilantes). That would be VeeDub, (mentioned earlier), Validor (hes working on a full name), ToasterTim (working on name), and Truman (working on first name, last name is Dawson. Hes our 3rd Viper pilot.) I told them about your story, and they were more than willing to let you use their BGO characters in your story. Note that Draxis, Truman, and Purvis will always fly together with at least one of the Raptors.

Moar edits to Chapter 1, in preparation for Chapter 2.

Starbuck has now chosen a landing site slightly farther away from town and concealed behind a ridge. There is no longer a crowd coming to meet her, but Dash still saw her land since she was still following her.

Sorry I keep doing this, but since I wrote the first chapter in a burst of inspiration there were a lot of things that weren't planned out well and I realized I had written myself into a corner that I didn't really want to be in with chapter 2. This entire story will basically be considered WIP until the final chapter has been posted, and old chapters may be edited at any time. If/when this happens, I will post a comment saying what has been changed.

Godsdamn this chapter was a pain. I rewrote it three times and I'm still not happy with it, but it's finally in a state that can be called "done", so I'm putting it up here.

"What the frak is this, some little girls’ cartoon?" Starbuck has predicted what would become truth in 150,000 years. AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

Anyway, I had a nice big comment saying how good this chapter was, how I liked Celestia's Head-Baltar, etc. As I was finishing it up, my iPod crashed, and it lost the comment. So here is the short version.

Keep writing, you're a beast, and canter on.

(NOTE: Still hoping to see some of the Vigilantes show up! Again, ok if you dont want to use them)

I'll probably use the Vigilantes eventually, but there wasn't anyplace to put them in this chapter other than the one Raptor pilot, and I figured I'd save them for someplace they might get a bit more 'screen time'. Trust me, there will be PLENTY for them to do later on in the story.

Sweet! By the way, you can have VeeDub or Validor shot down at some point. Its a long standing joke in the squad that those two are ALWAYS killed in a dogfight. :pinkiehappy:

Gods, I feel like i'm trolling your story comments or something.

I have a question. How do the ponies know what guns are? I would understand cannons, as Pinkie Pie has one, but still...

There is at least one reference to bullets in the episode with Tank (whose name, incidentally, means ponies also know what tanks are, which means that at some point they had at least WWI-level weapons technology). What I'm going with is that weapons don't currently exist in Equestria, but did at one time and may still exist in other parts of the world that aren't under Celestia's direct rule. How this situation came to be is something that will be mentioned in an upcoming chapter, although I'm not sure how much info I'm actually going to give.


There really should have been another chapter up by now except that I have horrible writer's block right now. I have lots of ideas for pretty much every part of this story except the next part, which means it's probably going to end up being something I just make up as I go, which never turns out as good as I like. It's pretty much what happened to the second half of Chapter 2, which is why I ended up hating that chapter.

Woot cover picture!:pinkiehappy:

As for your next chapter, it could be summarized as this: THE PLAN.
Colonials: Figure out what their plan is, settle here or keep moving.
Equestrians: Prepare for possible conflict, maybe try to find out stuff about humans.
Cylons:...next chapter. Scout ship reporting to a Basestar that the humans are here..
As for guns/bullets: I derped. Pinkie has a Party Cannon. Of course they know about such things.

If you need ideas or want to get a second opinion on things, just send me an email. I would be happy to go over anything. Also, I think Chapter Two was great, I didn't see an difference between each half.

I actually always figured that in Equestria bullets=magic bullets. Cannons are largely novelty items for entertainment and such, like how the Chinese viewed gunpowder. I figured weaponization can be pretty rapid though...

I also had the idea that in Equestria, a tank is a fully-enclosed armored chariot that is self-propelled with magic.

This story is going to have to go on hold for a while. Due to various things, I'm going to be going back home and staying there for a while, and with the way my parents are I can't let them find out I'm a brony. I'll keep trying to come up with more ideas, but I won't be able to write anything. I do plan to come back and finish this someday, but I have no idea when that day will be. I apologize for leaving you with so little of this actually written. I love this story, and I wouldn't be abandoning it like this if I didn't have to. Thanks for the kind comments, and thanks especially to Winter Storm for his help.

May the gods be with you, and may Celestia watch over you.

See you on the other side.

i give you three spike and a macintosh.:moustache::moustache::moustache::eeyup:

Well, I'm certainly hoping for an update. :unsuresweetie:

Oh boy, this won't end well...

Author, Y U GO MISSING? :(

still working on this story? or did you cancel it?

234842 time for Galactica to pull out her nukes in case a Basestar comes a runnin'
EDIT: oh wait, they put them all on the raptor that shot the dammed colony!


I hope that day is coming soon, because this is awesome.

this was awesome :yay:
hope u update soon

Just letting you know that people are still finding and reading this.

This alive? Just read it.

TRH State Secretariat
Department of Internal affairs
Department of interracial policies

Articles of Human Settlement in Equestria.
(a draft)

Art. I Settlements
§ 1. Their Royal Highnesses, in collaboration with the respective ministries and agencies of the TRH government, grant the Humans the right to establish no less then five settlements within the realms of Equestria.
§ 2. The nearby territory around each settlement within the distance of no less then twenty kilotrots is to reserve for Humans and their needs.
§ 3. The Humans may use those settlements and territories as an operational base in their search for their new home planet for as long as they need to.
§ 4. The exact locations and borders of the reserved territories are described in the special protocol added to these articles. Protocol is to be developed by the negotiation commission. Places for settlements should be selected considering both purpose the Humans have for each settlement and the land availability in Equestria.
§ 5. Under no circumstances, at any time in the future will be the foundation of any new settlement granted. Nor will be the borderlines of the reserved territories revised.
Art. II Sovereignty
§ 1. Within the borders of reserved territory the Humans are granted the full sovereignty over themselves; rights to have their own government, judicial system, law enforcement and currency are included.
§ 2. The residents of Equestria who find themselves of the reserved territory shall still obey the TRH government, equestrian laws and customs. Under no circumstances shall Human authorities have jurisdiction over the residents of Equestria.
§ 3. The Humans may freely interact with other nations as they wish. However, the terms of visiting and stay in the Human reserved territories for the foreigners are those as anywhere else in Equestria according Equestrian law.
§ 4. Any asylum/refuge/immunity or other form of political or judicial shelter the Human authorities grant any foreigner is to be considered null and void until it is seconded by TRH government.
Art. III Fair use.
§ 1. The Humans are free to conduct any productive activity they need within the boarders of the reserved territories, included but not limited agriculture, power generation, mining, processing of materials, manufacturing of goods, installations and maintaining of communication systems, conducting and maintenance of air and space flight.
§ 2. The Humans take responsibility for fair, careful and attentive use of the granted territories. If any operation conducted by the Humans is proven to be dangerous for the territory, Equestria or its residents, the right to conduct such or any similar operations may be revoked by the TRH government.
§ 3. The Humans shall not bring any weapon or any other potentially dangerous piece of technology outside of the reserved territories via ground transportation unless they specifically allowed or asked to do so.
§ 4. The Humans may freely use their flying machines to fly over Equestria as long as they don’t interfere with the weather management or disrupt any used cloud structures. To avoid this, they should fly at the altitude of no less then seventeen kilotrots unless it’s necessary to do otherwise.
Art. IV Travel and stay.
§ 1. Humans are free to visit nearby equestrian settlements. The local authorities may revoke this right for any particular individual in a case of her or his misconduct.
§ 2. If a Human wishes to travel in Equestria, she has to notify the Equestrian authorities about purpose, destination and possible duration of her travel.
§ 3. Equestrian residency outside of the reserved territory may be granted to a Human by Their Royal Highnesses only.
Art. V Further issues
§ 1. To address any general issues that may accrue from Human-Equestrian relations an overseeing committee shall be appointed within the next 24 hours after this treaty comes into force.
§ 2. To resolve any conflicts between Humans and the Equestrian residents a special judicial collegium shall be appointed within three months after this treaty comes into force.
§ 3. The order of putting together both overseeing committee and special judicial collegium are described in the special protocol added to these articles. Protocol is to be developed by the negotiation commission.
Art. VI Validity of the treaty
§ 1. This treaty comes into force since it’s signed by Their Royal Highnesses and the legitimate representatives of the Humans.
§ 2. If one side wishes to revise or terminate this treaty it should properly notify the other side and request the negotiation to further discuss the issue.
§ 3. One-sided immediate termination of this treaty shall be seen as an unfriendly act by the other side.

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