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"And it was all over." -Understanding Eternity The hardest thing I've had to type. Ever.


Fluttershy learns of her ability to wield the Thu'um because of a 'little secret', unbeknownst to even her. And subsequently, she goes on an epic quest in order to learn more, including facing a dragon.

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Love the pic for the story :yay:
FUS:flutterrage: RO:flutterrage: DAH:flutterrage:

D'awww!!! i love the picture!!! Now to read!

I'm glad the readers like the pic. It took me at least an hour to write the first chapter, and about 5 minutes max on Google images to find the pic.

cool try wirlwind sprint or stop time

If Fluttershy learns Storm Call and Clear Skies, then all weather ponies will lose their jobs...and Ponyville will probably be destroyed.

You make an interesting point. I'll have to include Clear Skies and Storm call into my story now.


Can someone repeat that in English, please?

keep it going this is awesome
WULD NAH KEST:flutterrage:

I don't know how I feel about them looking for dragons, I hope Twilight get's Flutershy to try out a few more shouts on the way. I thought she woulde light those books on fire when Twi had her try a new shout


Just for you, I'll have them light the Everfree forest on their way. That make you feel any better?

That would certenly be.. Um.. Intrestin
Might resolt in some delay in there qust for a dragon, and Fluttershy would feel prity bad if she torched a forest full of animels. But hay...

:flutterrage: Yol Toor Shul

That would certenly be.. Um.. Intresting
Might resolt in some delay in there qust for a dragon, and Fluttershy would feel prity bad if she torched a forest full of animels. But hay...

:flutterrage: Yol Toor Shul>>214023


Don't you worry about a thing. Just be amazed Fluttershy is torching a giant forest.

that is pritty impressof. In skyrim I'm more of a Fo Krah Diin guy my self, but Fluttershy giveing Twi and Dash hypothermia wont help any thing. :twilightoops::rainbowhuh:
(might be a bit funny thou, but Liz Slen Nus would be funny-er in that senreo.)

Ahahahahaha... O, god. Please dont let me die laffing, Ahahahahahahahaha.... cant breath, Ahahaha ha haa ha.....:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks so much for the dedication, must admit I got a strong Pyro vibe from you, that why I thought you where going to pull something like this last last chapter. Me? I'm more of a ice mage then a fire mage in skyrim, and I've only played TF2 once or twice, I stink at it but have to yet play as a Pyro, I'll give it a shot next time I try.

Poor Fluttershy.:fluttercry: She is the type to be affrad of herself after using a power like that. :fluttershyouch:

Twilight is going to be hard pressed to get Fluttershy to try another Shout for a while.:facehoof: But thats O.K., we should get back to the plot before everone forgets we have one anyways.


You will die laffing and you will enjoy it!

Just kidding. But I'm glad you liked it. And personally, I'm more of a Scout than a Pyro.


I'll keep that in mind.

Urrrgh, cliffhangers! :pinkiehappy:

Great story. Liked and Tracked.

Can't wait for the next chapter :rainbowkiss:

I injoyed this chapter alot, but it left me crazing the next. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing, and I can whait how ever long it take, but I can't help feeling like "somepony" cast a whant-it-need-it spell on your fic.:twilightblush:

I am looking forword to the other Elements thoughts on what has hapend to Fluttershy so far and Twilights future plans. I would think the ponies who haven't experienced Fluttershy's power firsthand :ajbemused::duck: would like a demonstration. Twi might get to see a new shout sooner then expected. :fluttercry: Poor Shy.

Dash seems a bit on edge about this shouting thing, but then again she was the only pony to be

:flutterrage: FUS RO DAH'd across town.

Rainbow would probably injoy the whirlwind sprint shout,:rainbowdetermined2: the way that shout is described, it drags the shouter behind it at the speed of sound, so Shy is in for a surprise the first she uses it.:fluttershbad:

why did you change the names? anyways good story

Tracked. keep writing :eeyup:


I swear it wasn't me. It was probably just an April fools joke pulled by the mods.

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