• Published 1st Feb 2012
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The Beast Within - Angel

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Chapter 7: Companions?

(Sorry about taking so long guys, I just got caught up in another story. I can't believe its taken so long...)

"Sit down, everypony, and we'll tell you a story." Said Twilight Sparkle with a smile on her face.

Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy were sitting in front of the other wielders of the elements of harmony, spread around in a rough semi-circle.

"So, it all began when we left for Zecora's..." Began Twilight


An unusually long time later, Twilight drew breath as she finished the last sentence in her story. Fluttershy was still embarrassed from when she set the forest on fire by accident, and it garnered more than one 'Wat' look from her friends. She was currently sitting in a corner facing away from everypony else, like a kid wearing a dunce cap.

"Okay Fluttershy, I'm finished!" Called out Twilight in her general direction, ignoring the looks from her friends.



"Hold on a darn second!" Interrupted Applejack.

"You guys mean to tell us, that yer huntin' fer a dragon?"

"Yes, we are. So what do you say about joining us?"

Rarity gasped. She reached for her trademark couch off screen and did her trademark pose.

"This is-"

"Rarity, not now! This is serious!"


"No buts! We need to help Fluttershy!"

Rarity silenced herself.

"Well, if it's to help Fluttershy..." Started Applejack.

"W-Wait a second!" Interjected Rainbow Dash

Everypony turned to see Rainbow Dash shivering a little. She was pacing up and down, mumbling something about Fluttershy and shouting.

"Rainbow, are you okay?"

"And what do you mean 'Fluttershy's dangerous'?"

Fluttershy cried a little. Her best friend was betraying her. Meanwhile, Applejack and Twilight were trying to talk some sense into Rainbow Dash.

"Dangerous... shouts... Must be stopped...Need safety...Need help..."

She turned to the orange and purple ponies. She had a deranged look on her face, and her eyes were the size of grapes.

"You... You guys can help me...You-you understand, don't you?"

Twilight and Applejack exchanged worried glances.

"Twilight... You're smart... you'll understand..." Rainbow Dash cackled.

"Twilight. Git mah rope." Applejack whispered.

"Wait!" Yelled Rainbow Dash. By this time, she had caught everypony's attention.

"Don't you see?"

"See what?" Asked Twilight.


Fluttershy started quietly sobbing in the corner. Pinkie Pie and Rarity went to console their shy friend. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash had taken off, and Twilight and Applejack gave chase.


"Rainbow, get back here!"

"No! She must... must be silenced!"

"That's crazy!"

"No! No, no, no, No! NO! SHE MUST BE STOPPED!"

The two ponies were chasing Rainbow through Ponyville, drawing a crowd in their wake. Twilight started charging her magic as they passed by a group of very confused foals on a field trip.

"Where are ya going, Rainbow!?"


"Where in the hay is there!?"

"The source!"

"Source of what!?"

"N-No! You can't know!"

Then, Twilight used her magic to teleport right in front of Rainbow, and she collided with the purple pony, sending them sprawling in a heap on the dirt path.

Twilight got up first, and used her magic to secure Rainbow in place.

"Rainbow! What do ya have to say fer yerself?!" Shouted Applejack as she caught up.

Rainbow struggled in her magical prison, but she couldn't break free.

"Applejack. Get your rope and help me get her somewhere safe."

"Sure thing, Twilight."