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Torn by hatred and the thirst for revenge for his burial, a wolf, foretold by prophecy, returns to settle the score. But a past buried under hatred and malice unearths itself and the power of friendship bring a monster of the darkness to find that: At the precipice, we change.

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Just finished reading up to this chapter and this. Is. Awesome!
I love this take on the Norse myths, they are some of may favorites and its great when I see stories that incorporate them.:pinkiehappy:

I always have felt bad for Fenrir in the mythology. His trust was betrayed by one of the only friends he had in Asgard when they imprisoned him for something he had not actually done yet. It's funny, but I don't think he would have become destined to kill Odin if they had not imprisoned him.

Please, do continue!

Norse mythology is also my favorite, I just had the idea when I looked at a deviant of Fenrir, Skoll and Hati. Imagination went ballistic and this vomited from my brain:twilightblush:

A Norse mythology crossover starring Fenrir, the wolf that has a ribbon bound to it and is held down by chains and during Ragnarok will devour the sun?!

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