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Young beginning novel writer. Great with both novels and short stories. Love creating pony stories in my spare time and Wub On!!! VInyl Scratch

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Torn by hatred and the thirst for revenge for his burial, a wolf, foretold by prophecy, returns to settle the score. But a past buried under hatred and malice unearths itself and the power of friendship bring a monster of the darkness to find that: At the precipice, we change.

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A father returns to the earth to correct his daughter's mistakes. From his point of view. When everything goes against Luna, how will she be able to save the mare she loves? Or even her own sanity? And when the ante is escalated, how then will the kingdom survive?

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Derpy learns from the one pony she wants to be that she is who she is, and that is the best way for her to be: herself.

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