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Dear derpyawesomemuffins,

I would have to say that I really liked your story and I thought that it was written quite well. It is a little bit of a new idea and you brought out your own unique style with a nice and neat little story. A cute little story and I think you have really found your hidden gems this time and so you should probably polish them.

If you haven`t done so already try promoting your story here: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/50/The-Writer%27s-Group

One last thing,

It would it be okay with you if I added your story to "My Personal Faves" box on my user page?

An awesome story, so keep it up!

-Sparkle Writer :twilightsmile:

Go ahead I really appreciate the input thnx!!:derpyderp2::twilightsmile:

I personally prefer the "smart but with a physical problem with eyesight" Derpy more than the "mental and physical issues" Derpy.
still it was a heart warming story. Here have all my :heart: 's

You made me want some muffins when you were describing the muffin Derpy was eating.:derpytongue2::twilightsmile::heart:

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