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MLP: MaM is a story of an original character named Memoire Lane, who left Canterlot on foot, heading to Ponyville in hopes of finding a job. Canterlot's job market was terrible for anypony who wished to be on his or her own. Memoire's father suggested Ponyville, a small, thriving village. Memoire, without hesitation, makes his way to the town.

MLP: MaM is basically a "Choose your own adventure"-style novel where you decide what job or pony Memoire ends up with.

You guys chose Applejack! Applejack's scenario will start after Twilight's Part 2! Wanna do an early vote on the next scenario?Click here!

Story By: MaronaPossessed
Art By: BossLuigi

So...what is this?
This is basically a story with an Original Character having a chance with one of the mane six ponies. The next scenario is decided by the audience.

Wait...scenario? You mean he's a player?!
No! There are different realities. This is like a visual novel game where you can choose who you want the protagonist to be with.

So...which story is err...'Canon' to your work?
You decide yourself :)

How old is Memoire?
Same as the mane 6. In this timeline of the story, him and the mane six are approaching adulthood.

How long does it take for you to finish a part?
A pretty good while. I want it to be as grammatically correct as possible, while interesting and see-able by fellow pony fans of the certain pony.

Hey! This recent episode of FIM contradicts the part of your fanfic!
I try to keep the atmosphere of the series as accurate as possible. There may be a time which I may 'deny' the happenings of some episode. You'll see my acknowledgement of that in author's note. Already written parts WILL NOT CHANGE!

What is the rating of this fanfic?
I strive to keep it PG. At the very most, it will be PG-13 in some areas...chances of that happening is pretty slim. I keep it PG to stay true to the series.^^

I see a pun with the main character's name...
And you will see soon what it means:)

Pinkie Pie talks in "-"...what's that mean?
She is talking very, very fast...which is her usual manner.

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No words can describe how awesome that story was...

2828112 Joshino: You do not realize how long I've waited for a comment, and how touched I am to hear about this comment! Thank you very much! It really encourages me to keep writing and planning this story! I'm sure BossLuigi would say the same as well. :)

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