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Lyra believes she is human and always tries to play her harp.
BonBon is a mature pony who love to cook and make sweets. Her favorite sweet to make are BonBons.
In a relationship their are always ups and downs.
These are just some of theirs.

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Interesting, but there are typos:

“But I’m Hungry and tired!”

Hungry should not be capitalized

I looked up and it was starting to pore

Pore should be pour

Dinner also ends up unnecessarily capitalized.

Always annoys me that I can point out typos and clunkiness in oher's works but can't sfind it in my own.

1809732 patrick does it in "shanghied" its a spongebob episode

I awoke to the smell of waffles. 8:00 am. I would begin teaching how to play the Lyr in an hour.


1817588 good I was worried I was wrong:twilightsmile:

I love this story, it's perfect.

By the way: licorice tea is best tea

2584555 ya sorry bout that. I didn't have any good ideas

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