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Prince Blueblood is caught between two fractured lives, the home life that formed him into the insufferable snob he is today, and the unrequited love of his heart whom he drove away.

Preview image commissioned by RusselH of DA.

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I can´t exactly give a good review, but i know what i like, for example that Blueblood is being redeemed (way too little of that around), and how his inner conflict is described in a way the reader can feel it.
I also know that i will give this 5 stars


Really means a lot. Thanks!

5 Stars
I only happened to chance reading this, first on dA, and then I had to find it on here. Heh, this is one of those stories that makes my heart pang a little. While I'm sad that this story is a one-shot, it's also wonderful, and I enjoyed the ending. The confrontation between Shining Armor and Prince at the end was especially well-crafted, and I liked the wisdom of Shining Armor in that he pointed out he couldn't save Blueblood from himself.
People like Prince Blueblood don't deserve those like Shining Armor.
But the Bluebloods of the world need them the most, and are helped the most, if they are willing to listen.

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What I like is that you didn't heave all the blame on Blueblood alone; Shining Armor is right, he's always tried to change Prince forcefully, make him choose and not giving him the freedom he needed. In a way, he was doing exactly what Blueblood's mother was doing: Trying to twist him into something he didn't want to be. Honestly, this isn't about redemtion, this is about growing as a person.

Oh, this is fantastic.
Seriously, I absolutely love redemption stories, and the confession scene is very well done, very organic. Especially the way Shining comforts Blueblood.

Couldn't agree with you more. This is such a sweet story btw. :pinkiesmile:

A brilliant story and a stunning contrast to your more tragic and sad works.

It's good to see the character development that Blueblood has received here, how his inner turmoils have forced him to be what he is and how Shining Armor is partly to blame for manipulating his friend.

Kudos to you sir, you have earned all of my 5 stars.

dat story icon :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, I'll read this later, as I'm working on my fic right now :twilightsmile:

So is this an AU because they're some hints that imply Shining's an orphan.


This was written when the rumors of Shining Armor were first appearing online. It was written long before he made an appearance on the show. Before people knew he was Twilight's brother, etc. Long story short, though, yes it would be classified as an AU now.

That was actually pretty damn good. Seriously, that was quite the satisfying read.

Pretty good read! I'm glad that you took some of your own time to write this.

Came into this story expecting gratuitous clop. This is just about the polar opposite of that.

Man, Blueblood is pathetic.

A damn good read. Exceptional in execution. Wish I could write this good. 5/5

It was great to see Blueblood in a different light this time. It was quite wonderful to read more depth in him than what is generally expected after his appearance in the best night ever. It's actually quite a shame this story doesn't continue as I would have liked to read a lot more about Prince Cartographer adventuring with Shining armor.

The relationship between Cadence and Shining armor felt a little strained here though. The affection they appeared to have within the cantelot wedding seemed replaced by mostly a sence of duty now from Shining's side anyway. It didn't distract from the story necessarily though and it did strengthen Shinings past with Blueblood.

Nevertheless this was a wonderful read. Well written and heartwarming.

A very interesting take on Blueblood. You really should add an 'AU' tag to this story. I was very confused until I read in one of the comments that you wrote this before A Canterlot Wedding was even aired.

Wonder if i can get just blueblood as a ghost for a story....

Huh. So yeah... this is definitely AU. The story also has some errors with the formatting, grammar, pacing, etc. However, in spite of all that, I still enjoyed it. Not many stories focus on Blueblood as anything other than an antagonist, and this pairing is very rare. I know that you, author, have left this site a while ago, but I'm still faving this. If you ever come back and check this, thank you for the read. :twilightsmile:

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