• Published 30th Oct 2012
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/r/clopclop/ Clop Scene Requests Round 2 - Nostalgia Schmaltz

Various sex scenes requested by members of Subreddit /r/clopclop/

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That was a good chapter.

Awaiting a humorous sequel in which both Rarity and Trixie are pregnant with his child! ... I kid! LOL.

Frankly, I've never understood the whole "twin penile dragon" thing. If anatomy is to be believed, then wouldn't evolution have given female dragons two vaginas; one right on top of the other? Otherwise, what point is there for dragons to have two dicks?

Overall, it was a good fic. Maybe consider doing a fic with Krackle. (She's a girl dragon, right?) Have the story focus on her, with her two vaginas, in a gang bang. Maybe that could be the "party" that happens during the commercial break of the Dragon Quest episode. Spike's final test as a dragon is to bang Krackle with the other teen dragons.

Bonus points if Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Rarity watch it happen voyeuristically from their dragon disguise. Double the points if they join in while still wearing the costume. Then shit hits the fan when the disguise falls apart during the orgy and the dragons realize that "Krackle's cousin" was actually three ponies.

"I thought her second pussy felt unusually tight," the teen dragon said.
"That's because it was my ass, darling," Rarity said calmly, "Ponies don't have second pussies." :raritywink:

I'm pretty sure it stems from the fact that lots of scaled reptiles (especially snakes) have hemipenises. Ask nature why it gave reptiles two dicks but only one vagina.

I only used it here because the author requested having Spike fuck all three of them, and giving him twice the dick power was the easiest choice.

1641026 Actually....I'd like to see that happen.

1645447 ....Bwhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha!

Not what I had in mind when I requested it but good none the less. Thank you.


I've never seen a writer's avatar hilariously mean the opposite of the comment.

Disregarding that spat over on Animal Antics, I freaking loved this. It was absolutely terrific, and had the author requested just Spike and Trixie, it would have been absolutely beautiful. TrixiexSpike is disappointingly scarce, yet happens to be my favorite ship ever conceived. Had I known this existed, I would have read it ages ago. Although I wish it were a oneshot, the compilation of three is worth favoriting just for this one chapter.

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