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Pinkie Pie awakes in a room she is unfamiliar with. She is known in this dimension as test subject #148932. Her intention is to get out of there and back to Ponyville as fast as she can. Although she doesn't realize, that her journey through the facility may a lot take longer than she expects...

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This is bad? Or do you not like it for a reason you don't care to explain?

Is Cave Johnson a reference to a ponycraft player?


um, no. He is a human from portal 2 that owns Aperture. (I did manage to add quite some portal 2 refrences and such, although maybe I shouldn't have put certain ones in that can confuse people that havn't played portal.)

I've played portal, I just remember Cave johnson as a ponycraft player! lol

I must say that I haven't read it but I'm planning to. I just had this urge to do something Pinkie Pie like.:pinkiehappy:

This could have been done better... (Needs more Pinkie Pie banter with Glados and Wheatly)

cooooolll story dude i love portal i also puublished a portal story called equestrian portals that i finished and will be on hers soon!!!!!:eeyup::ajsmug::heart:

Interesting idea, but it sort of felt like you replaced "Chell" with "Pinkie" everywhere, and that the story was mostly just a nice frame around the song.

I agree plus you skipped right over the Caroline sub-plot I was expecting more humor than Portal 2 seeing as how it's Pinkie but it was just lacking in the humor department

Wait... You didn't include Caroline... :flutterrage:

I like this story! Only thing is, pinkie needs to be, more, talkative! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Kiro0613 deleted Feb 4th, 2013

*I put on my angry French beret and Simon Cowell mask*

Not the best, not the worst, not worth the time.

There really was no point in writing this fic, it is just a script to portal 2 with words swapped. Pinkie had no lines or characterization at all, GLaDOS said exactly what she said in the game with no allowances for the difference in Chell and Pinkie, Wheatly's good lines were cut, and it was short.

You really need to be more descriptive and legnthy in writing.

Nice concept though.

For Great Justice!

More Pinkie would have been very nice, but it wasn't bad...wasn't too good either, but it wasn't bad.

pinkie really needs to speak more if you wanted quite try fluttershy :yay:

it follows the original story to much not enough dialogue from pinkie pie some misspelled words not to mention pinkie had never been in arpeture science before so... yeah its almost like you took out every instance of the name chell and replaced it with almost no story difference :ajbemused:

had potential makes me sad it was wasted skipped most of it considering I beat portal 2:pinkiehappy: wish it was um I don't know more random more pinkie a good tap on the 4rth wall would have been nice as well over all there isn't much to hate considering portal 2's plot line is pretty awesome oh well better luck next time:raritywink:

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