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Meant to be a popcorn fun nonstop action story, the Friendship is Magic universe crossovers with the Godzilla universe. (Or rather the other way around.) On a pretty nice day in Ponyville, the Mane 6 are getting ready for a day together when a portal in the sky opens, dropping a giant creature. All the while Fluttershy mysteriously gains the ability to be able to communicate with it, and through communication she finds out that the creature's name is Godzilla. Soon after more portals start to appear, bringing more of these giant beasts! The question is why is this happening? And how will the Mane 6 be able to deal with monsters far more powerful than they?


After my more dark and serious Futuristic Endeavor story, I decided to take a more 'fun' approach with this one. Godzilla is my favorite franchise, so writing this has been especially fun. Though there are some things here only Godzilla fans will get, I think you'll be able to enjoy the story anyway. While I know it's nothing incredible, I hope at least you'll have fun while reading it. The rest of the chapters will be up soon.

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Speakin' as a fellow Godzilla fan-boy I'd have to say.. your going way too fast. This is like watchin' Godzilla:Final Wars all over again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hopin' for a real story, just to see someone else on the site as a fan of the big-G is enough for me, but even I'm confused as to what the hell is going on.

1456166 Well that's actually what I was going for, something really fast-paced and insane like Final Wars. The next chapter will be the one that explains what's going on, right now it's just utter chaos!

Ah that makes sense, yea going for a plot like Final Wars is something that would really be hard to write I think. I know following that movie was hard, but hey it was all about the action

Interesting idea, but your going too fast and you need to describe things more.

Its not bad enough for the dislike button, but falls short of its potential. Fix it up and you might get the Like button

Funny story, but like the others I think you are going way to fast. Even if you're going for "Final Wars", there should be some breathing space between the fights.

A bit to fast i must say.:twilightoops:

But at least my favored Kaiju Gigan is in this Story!:raritystarry:

all out kiju war

and space godzilla will destroyah be in this :pinkiegasp:

make extra-sure GOTENGO gets a shot in this, even if it's to destroy a minor monster, such as Ebirah or Hedora

1460350 I can neither confirm nor deny that. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the feedback guys. My goal was to do something rather extreme, with utter chaos throughout, to do a fun story. The next act will explain things in better detail.

1460487 I'll see if I can squeeze in the ol' drill ship, it wasn't in the original plan because I didn't want any humans in the story other than the Mothra twins.

1460587 such a nice vessel, the Gotengo, if you don't want Humans in aside from the Mothra Twins it's cool

Ehh, I don't like how this one was written. My main complaint is that you made Godzilla talk, something that should NEVER happen. They tried it in Godzilla Vs. Gigan, and now it's one of the worst movies in the entire franchise. If Godzilla absolutely MUST talk, I think it would be better to have Fluttershy translate his roars and growls, like in The Three-Headed Monster. After all, none of the other ponies can understand him, the only thing that makes Fluttershy special is her affinity for animals, and even then she has trouble. (Angel can testify to this.)

I also dislike the lack of detail put in, there's little-to-no imagery and it makes the fight a lot less engaging. Not that if would be very engaging if it had enough imagery, considering how short it was.

Sorry if I'm being a little rough, but I've kinda made a study of how Kaiju films are done, and this is nothing like how I would expect from either an MLP episode or a Godzilla film.

1470834 Hmm, maybe I didn't write it clearly. Fluttershy is translating his roars and grunts, the other characters have no idea what he's saying. He's talking and only Fluttershy could understand. Unless you mean not using the 'Godzilla said' thing. Yeah, detail and pace is definitely two things I'm not the best with in writing fan fics.

>we have to contact Princrsss Celestia.
>to contact Princrsss Celestia.
>Princrsss Celestia.

1506322 Ah, guess I missed that one...

Oh well, but at least you somethin going and I like would to see what you got next. It would seem fitting if Spacegodzilla betrays Discord. Carry on :twilightsmile: also yay for Fluttershy understanding them:yay:

So, when are you going to continue this story? Also, is AOTGM a sequel to Futuristic Endeavors because the way that fic ends and this fic brings in Discord seems as if they're connected in some way.

1544280 Due to the hurricane, haven't been able to finish the final two chapters. I'll write more today and then the final two chapters and epilogue will be done soon. :twilightsmile: Yeah, AOTGM could be called a sequel, it takes place after Futuristic Endeavor.

I feel kinda empty. It's a good story but I felt the ending was way too rushed and you don't really leave the door open for any continuation. I would've liked to know what happened to Discord. Also, why didn't you bring in more giant monsters like Battra, Manda, Varan, Gorosaurus, Megalon, Megaguirus or even King Ghidorah?

I'm not sure what to make of this. It was a interesting idea but the execution, especially the last part could have been better. You explained Fluttershy's kaiju telepathy (Discord did it!) but how did Discord even escape?
How did he know about the kaiju in the first place?
How did Discord capture the princesses?
Where is the real Zecora?

1604101 Discord just teleported himself away somewhere before he could be sucked into the portal. Well Megalon did appear back in the first act. Yeah, I had to pick and choose which ones to use. I didn't want to use too many. I couldn't find a way to squeeze in King Ghidorah. 1604439 Yeah there were quite a few things that were left unexplained. I don't consider this to be that great of a story, I don't excel in story telling like many on here.

Can't wait for the Elements of Harmony and the Earth Defender daikaiju vs Discord and Spacegodzilla battle.:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

I like it, Comrade Destroyer14!:heart:

1607588 Thank you Comrade Fluttershy. :twilightsmile:

Zilla needs to be in this, just to give our daiKaiju a little bost of speed

Crazy and fun story! :rainbowlaugh:

This may sound a little weird but, thank you for making him green:twilightsmile:

Well this was nice while it lasted:pinkiehappy:

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