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Chief comic reviewer for Unleash the Fanboy. Gamer, blogger, and reviewer. BIG Godzilla fan, and of course, a fan of Friendship is Magic. Fluttershy is awesome.

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Meant to be a popcorn fun nonstop action story, the Friendship is Magic universe crossovers with the Godzilla universe. (Or rather the other way around.) On a pretty nice day in Ponyville, the Mane 6 are getting ready for a day together when a portal in the sky opens, dropping a giant creature. All the while Fluttershy mysteriously gains the ability to be able to communicate with it, and through communication she finds out that the creature's name is Godzilla. Soon after more portals start to appear, bringing more of these giant beasts! The question is why is this happening? And how will the Mane 6 be able to deal with monsters far more powerful than they?


After my more dark and serious Futuristic Endeavor story, I decided to take a more 'fun' approach with this one. Godzilla is my favorite franchise, so writing this has been especially fun. Though there are some things here only Godzilla fans will get, I think you'll be able to enjoy the story anyway. While I know it's nothing incredible, I hope at least you'll have fun while reading it. The rest of the chapters will be up soon.

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On a normal day in Equestria, Twilight goes 15 years into the future. However, things aren't quite as dandy as they once were. No Ponies are seen, no animals in sight, and the plant life is all dead. Once Twilight goes into Ponyville, she makes a terrifying discovery. Queen Chrysalis has taken over, but how and why? Where is Princess Celestia and her friends? It's a futuristic endeavor as Twilight attempts to save the future.

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