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On a normal day in Equestria, Twilight goes 15 years into the future. However, things aren't quite as dandy as they once were. No Ponies are seen, no animals in sight, and the plant life is all dead. Once Twilight goes into Ponyville, she makes a terrifying discovery. Queen Chrysalis has taken over, but how and why? Where is Princess Celestia and her friends? It's a futuristic endeavor as Twilight attempts to save the future.

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The story seemed really rushed and not much detail. i suggest rewriting it and really taking your time on it. The idea was good though.

Great story :pinkiehappy:

1410389 Yeah it was my first story, I will improve with future ones. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks Dan50!

Wow. That was awesome! I commend you, mate! That had me hooked the whole time! (Albeit a tad short) :pinkiehappy:

1715183 Wow, really? Thanks, I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

Hang on a minute. doesn't Twilight going back erase what she has just done anyway

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