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Pinkie Pie is my best pony. I recently re-joined the fandom. Pastell Swirl is my ponysona. I am autistic and disabled. I hope to make friends here into the same things as I am. :)


G3 Rainbow Dash and G4 Rainbow Dash shipping fanfiction.

The only thing the two contrasting Rainbow Dashes had in common really was their shared name, many colors, and love of rainbows.

As if fate, it was under a double rainbow where these two met each other, and began to absolutely positively hate each other’s guts… For now at least.

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Well THATS a tracking

Also partly inspired by G3 and G4’s fandom

Rivalry? Huh Well i guess perhaps its quieter now

Hm, what do you mean by this exactly? 😅
By the way, I feel this first chapter of mine could be better. So I may edit it soon.

As in its thrown immediately into "i am so gonna keep an eye on this fic" folder

Lol yea, like way back, a lot of bronies seemed vocal about their hate of G3 and it was on almost every G3 video I could find back then. It’s calmed down recently. The internet back then was… interesting.

Oh! I’m unfamiliar with the terminology on this site XD
I’m glad that you enjoyed and would like to read more :)

Its alright
First time here? Well welcome to fimfiction

The other ponies sighed. A double rainbow was supposed to be a wondrous sight, a sign of harmony. But there was just no harmony to be had here.

Perhaps there might be in time
But if firefly can Be shipped with g4 rainbow dash(YES THATS REAL) then it can happen

That's pink one? I think that's fine match..

Was that same pony who said "Maybe YOU are our dinner"

The one who was in The first g1 episode? Yeah

Hot take: this is just RariDash with extra narcissism.

Seems funny enough to track. And if I read the description correct, you plan to ship them.

It seems someone is doing a mass dislike bomb

Meh. :rainbowwild:

I am one of those newer brony-types that have never watched any of the earlier generations of MLP. My only knowledge regarding G3 Rainbow Dash was the meme about how she was the "Fashionista", and that G4 Rainbow in a second frame just said "NO!".

Which I am assuming is the REAL story behind this tale.

Why am I here to read this fic? I dunno. I am a Rainbow Dash fan, even if her tomboyishness does seem at times tedious. I guess that perhaps I may learn something about those earlier pony characters. If not, I may find some amusement by this.

Guess that i will track it, and hope that the story doesn't drag like so many others... :moustache:

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