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Pinkie Pie is my best pony. I recently re-joined the fandom. Pastell Swirl is my ponysona. I am autistic and disabled. I hope to make friends here into the same things as I am. :)

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This story is a sequel to Bluey Pie

The cover art of Pastell Swirl was made with Pony Town.

After Pinkie’s adventure of an ordeal in Bluey Pie, everything is cozy again. Some days are filled with so much joy and friendship that they become days to look back on fondly for the rest of your lives. This story is about one such day.

The Mane 6 have fun and hang out with lots of friends, including G3 ponies, Coconut Cream, and Citrus Sweetheart.

The personalities of the two OC ponies from Bluey Pie (Lavender Snow, and Nocturne) are fleshed out more as well.

This story is part of a universe where G3 and OC ponies are added to the cast of MLP:FiM. Another story of mine, Double Rainbow, takes place in this universe as well.

Not much of a plot here, but there is an emotional moment near the end, and fluffiness scattered throughout.

My shameless Mary-Sue self-insert ponysona, Pastell Swirl, appears in this story.

Even the CMC and a rambunctious new filly OC make an appearance!

This story is also planned on having a sequel of its own as well, which will be a lot more serious in nature, dealing with Nocturne’s plight and a dark curse of negativity.

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G3 Rainbow Dash and G4 Rainbow Dash shipping fanfiction.

The only thing the two contrasting Rainbow Dashes had in common really was their shared name, many colors, and love of rainbows.

As if fate, it was under a double rainbow where these two met each other, and began to absolutely positively hate each other’s guts… For now at least.

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This has nothing to do with the cartoon Bluey.

Pinkie Pie is the silliest, goofiest pony in all of Ponyville. Maybe even Equestria. But everypony gets sad sometimes. But Pinkie Pie becomes so sad, her hair deflates. Then she starts turning gray, and when she’s even sadder than that, she starts turning blue.

After Pinkie Pie ends up annoying her friends, she no longer feels appreciated and wanted. So she runs somewhere far, far away. She arrives at Doom-and-Gloomsville, a town without any laughter or joy, where she meets Lavender Snow, a gloomy pony. (She is the pony form of my OC Yuki Aizaki.)

Through cheering up Lavender, will Pinkie realize how wonderful smiles and laughter can be again?

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