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Edgy My Little Pony. (I DON"T DO REQUESTS BTW)


It's been a long while since you've come to Equestria. You've made good friends with Sunny and her six friends so far while everypony else seemed to tolerate you for the most part. But Zipp was always the one pony you hung out with the most.

However, when you and she go down to Maretime Bay's beach and watch the sunset after a long day of chilling in the water, she asks you something that would lead to something you'd never expect.

EDIT: Jesus, I literally just posted this and it's already featured #1!

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"Don't you think it's it's is a little excessive to go down to the beach like, every other day?"

But that didn't mean you never were able to make friends there. Pipp's co-workers Jazz Hooves and Rocky Riff both saw you as a friend. Those three younger ponies that Pipp likes to call, the Pipsqueak trio seemed excited when they first saw you. Even this pony named Posey, while incredibly skeptical of your existence at first, actually started to get along with you as time went on. There was also Queen Haven, who was quite in a state of astonishment seeing you. She claimed to have at least heard of your kind at some point.


You nodded your head in agreement. You remembered when Zipp told you about the time she tried to convince everypony to coll off at the beach with no success at first. But at least Misty actually took her advice in the end. And you also felt bad for her when everypony actually did come down here that day, but didn't see it as Zipp's idea.

Thanks for pointing out that. Though I'm pretty sure that the second one isn't an error.

Great cover image. Zipp has recently become my favorite of this new generation. She's, in my opinion, a slightly better version of Rainbow Dash, being that she has similar qualities, but is more level-headed and is a detective.

Where did you find the cover image? It's so cute.

I don't often read humanxpony stories, but this was really sweet. Upvote from me.

I don't think there are other human x Zipp stories that are SFW out there, in fact I'm pretty sure this is the very first one that I've come across.

You did a super job writing this human x Zipp story.

Iā€™m surprised there are SFW human X pony stories to begin with.

Not a fan of ambiguous gender stories but it was well written.

I am wondering if this story is getting so much attention because of the super cute picture of Zipp, or it's actually that good.

Or it could be because of how Zipp hasn't gotten a Human x Zipp fic that's SFW until now.

Oh I wasn't knocking it. I read it and it was sweet. Still I feel the pic also helped it out as well. You know the cover of a book can be just as important as what's written on its pages.

All in favor of more short stories between these two?

But that was besides the point. You and her were a thing now. Ever since the day she confessed, you and her's beach days were more special after that. Even though sometimes Misty would unwittingly third wheel. But she was also great to have around.

"We should honestly do this more often..." You said, after letting out a giant sleepy yawn.

Check Pls.

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