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Awesome and I can see Spike keep these two in line.

Fuck it. It's helluva original. Can't wait to see what happens.

Its been a long time since I saw a PSG Story here, lets see where this goes:trollestia:

Man I can't actually believe that season 2 of panty & stocking was finally announced.

It will be interesting to see how they retcon the ending of Season 1.

Do you have a picture of this spikes universe.

Also very funny with the kicking the nutsack on garber he really does deserve it.

Also he doesn't meet the main six in this universe.

No, I do not, if I had any art skills, I would have drawn something, and I don't have the money to hire an artist off DA

No, the Mane 6 are not part of the story

I'm talking about that if you got any reference from deviantART or maybe from Google on what Spike look like.

I understood what you meant, I just don't have an image

Oh okay. just keep up the good work. This story is getting funnier and more interesting. You really have a talent of making fanfics my friend.

Just out of curiosity. Is Spike still a skillful cook and a skillful cleaner? I know in the beginning of the chapter you said that he got fired from every job because he Lacks special skills. But he has to have a few skills he learned from his job?

It's not that he didn't have talents, it's that his boss never assigned him a position that took advantage of those skills. Yes, he's still skilled at cooking, but for the most part, he often worked as a janitor, a busboy, or jobs along those lines. He had the skills for decent jobs, but whatever job it was, his boss failed to give him the opportunity to use the skills. If he was working at a restaurant, he wouldn't be a cook, he'd be a busboy, which doesn't take advantage of his cooking skills.

I wonder how the reaction would be if Spike cook delicious desserts for stocking? Because I'm excited for that type of scene.

I'm sorry for keep asking questions about your story. It's just Spike has this unique trait that changes other characters personality without doing anything but being himself. I read other crossover stories were Spike changed other characters lives and it's amazing how he can help others to be better. But choosing panty and stocking is like the ultimate challenge. So far this would have to be one of my top ten favorite crossover fanfic of Spike. Almost forgot how is his education. I know he must have had a rough childhood without any family but he must have been very determined to do something better for his life.

He didn't grow up without a family, and he had a good education. His parents loved him deeply and always wanted the best for him, he has a masters in culinary arts, it just never got put to good use. When I said Spike's parents died, that was after Spike was grown up and finished college. He has low self-esteem not because of his own inabilities, but because despite all the hard work he had done in life didn't get him anywhere successful. Panty and Stocking will change his viewpoint as much as he will theirs. And yes, Spike will definitely cook something up for Stocking

Like making panty stop throwing herself around men and taking her job seriously without causing collateral damages. Even if it's just a little improvement. Also again I forgot to mention does he know any martial arts. I mean he must have been bullied as a teenager from high school. So he must have learned to defend himself from bullies or racist assholes. Because he's a dragon

Yes, he knows a decent amount of martial arts, I had planned on his parents being part of what shaped him into who he wants to be

Do you know the type of martial arts that he studied from? Also is he going to be friendly towards brief and Chuck. Another thing he's going to get his own vehicle.

I'll go into his martial arts skills in the next chapter, since it will be his first fight with the sisters. As for Chuck, he'll find him cute enough to see him as a minor annoyance, Brief might get a bit jealous of him due to how much attention he gets from Panty later on. As for a vehicle, I personally don't think he needs one because of his ability to fly at fast speeds

Does Spike save briefs from random attacks and embarrassments moment. Even though brief see Spike as rival to win panties heart. Wouldn't that make them the two of them frenemies.

This is going to be fun and Scanty and Kneesocks can have Rumble as their boyfriend and Spike is going to be like Qrow from RWBY when he drinks right.

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