• Published 18th Sep 2022
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A Wraith in Winter - UnknownError

A desperate ritual goes wrong, and a very confused dragon named Jon Snow awakens outside the Crystal Empire.

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The sheer misunderstandings that occur from the "different worlds" being secret is both astounding and amazing. I am greatly entertained!

Melisandre was beat with a shovel for looking different. She's not going to volunteer that she wasn't a Kirin during the ritual. Mel might be a religious zealot, but she isn't stupid. She made a few misguided —but mostly correct— assessments about the Crystal Empire and is content to let them come to conclusions based on her vague answers.

Jon would've explained himself, had he made it that far, but people seem to be violently afraid of changelings...best to just go with it.

That was perfect.

“This way, Miss Melody, uh, Melisandy?” the one of the left offered. He pointed a wing to a side door.

“By your leave, sweet sers,” Melisandre said graciously. She was taller than both of them, not including her burgundy horn. She tried another smile, this time keeping her fangs hidden behind her upper lip. The stallion openly ogled her before turning around, and Melisandre revised her opinion on her changed beauty.

She revised it yet again when the stallion’s crystal plate did not cover his half-exposed sheath. Atrocious design. That would be the first place to stab. The horses appeared to prefer to be naked, like the stories about Summer Islanders, and took pride in the myriad marks on their flanks. Their armor clanked as they briskly trotted out of the throne room. Melisandre followed languidly; one ear rotated back to the gathered ponies at the base of the throne.

And just like that, Melisandre once again plots to use the most degenerate tactics to grab another 'W' for papa Light. I'm seriously looking forward to the conflict she's inevitably going to sow.

Melisandre's not exactly "horny for horse," but she knows that 'men' are more likely to listen to a beautiful 'woman.' She's also quite appalled at their armor design. Jon noted it as well. Not very practical to leave that area exposed. They're from Westeros. Jon's honorable, but that's a free hit.

Melisandre's chief advantage over Jon in this situation is her ability to just shrug and say, "R'hllor wills it." She's a little worried about Stannis and the war, but R'hllor sent her here for a reason, surely. She just has to find it.

Happy to see this story back!

Also, again, this story made think about how a lot of things in MLP and GoT/SoiaF ate really similar, or how they can connect events and situations with one another even tho they were never meant to be.

This also made think how 'bad' Mel will take to both Celestia and Luna (especially luna), once she learns what they represent in this world.

Also, if this is like Mel I know... poor stallions.

Once again, I am intrigued with the path that the characters are taking! You do an excellent job telling the story from the perspective of the chapters character; all of them feel unique and have severely different outlooks on situations and how they handle them.
You have come a very long way in the conciseness of your writing since the first chapter and that is positively brilliant! I am very excited to see where the story goes next and hope you have an easy go while writing it. Thank you!

I liked the little touch of Mel having to switch back to her normal gait after noticing the crystal ponies walk like chained slaves. Her reaction to Pinkie was pretty reasonable for anyone, and her vague answers to their questions was pretty fun to see the reactions.

Also Rainbow being Rainbow with the 'not anymore'.

Interesting comments. The depiction of Celestia is pretty spot on as far as she is depicted in fandom stories. Manipulative and the primary ruler of the country, treating Luna more as a vice president. Luna rolls over because she is terrified of getting sent back to the moon or otherwise banished or stoned. Having suffered isolation for a thousand years, you would probably have a phobia about it.

Personally, I always thought that Luna handled it wrong. In both instances, the original lunar rebellion, or in the second attempt on her return during the summer sun celebration. Luna should have simply left. The world is full of small mom and pop city-states much like the crystal empire. Many of these city-states are ruled by criminal overlords. Luna should have left Equestria, taken her thestrals, and killed one of those overlords. A thankful population would give her all the love and respect she wants.



Ah hell to the no. I got the sarcasm part of your comment, but letting corrupt AF government officials off the hook with only what is effectively slaps on the wrists as punishment is idiotic.

Government, by its very definition is corrupt.

Damn, this story is really good, plus I can't help but be both amused & saddened by the fact that a lot of events both in MLP & Asoiaf/Game of thrones are pretty much the same.

I do wonder when the next update is gonna be? This story doesn't deserve to die.

Question do I need to watch game of thrones to understand anything going on?

It would probably help, but not necessary. The books or the show, or both, are optional.

Ah ok then I shall give this a try

Sooooooo…any chance of getting an update? I love Game of Thrones and MLP, so this caught my attention on the first chapter! Hate for it to be banished to the world of incompleteness

Do you reckon we might get a new chapter of Winter this jolly winter?

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