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Woohoo, your first published story! Good job!

For the full cover image (suggestive, but not NSFW), go to 2415821 on Derpi.

Liked the facesitting part the most.

I really loved it!

It's better than the canon Diamond Tiara reformation.

It would've been even more humiliating had Diamond made Sweetie eat out her ass than her pussy. Even so, good story and I hope this gets a continuation.

What can i say? I loved this story! Also... i almost write this in Spanish, lol.

Hey i've seen a story from u before! :3 Also i love your Applebloom pfp.

11384176 Thanks for the comment. :pinkiehappy: Planning on writing a fanfic based on that pic someday. :twilightsmile: Speaking of fanfics, which story of mine did you happen to see? :rainbowhuh:

Forging a Friendship i guess.

Really sweet story.

good work!

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