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This was a cute little story, and I definitely enjoyed reading it, although I was a bit put off by some of the stranger elements you included. I may be drastically misinterpreting some of the plot elements you were hinting at, but it seemed to me that you wanted to build off of the series finale timeskip, but still veered away from that ending so much that it felt a bit contrived. I really don't think you needed to do that. You could have done this story exactly the same, just with slightly different character motivations, and I think it would have been much more natural.

Her brow furrowed. Huh. How many years had it been since she’d given The Hat to Cortland?

aww, that's how you know some time has passed!

Applejack reached up with her hind leg and gently stroked her tail, softly enough that Pinkie didn’t even stir.

augh, adorable

But Applejack stood firm. “Pinkie, I’ll be honest here. This isn’t sustainable.”

it's interesting that Applejack is just doing for Pinkie what her friends had to do for her in "Applebuck Season", though the story hints at a heavier root cause

“I did the same thing with Granny Smith and Rainbow Dash,” she whispered.

oof, and that is a nice melancholy note, that the two mares are finding grieving and loss to be another thing that they have in common as they get older

“Pinkie, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me,” she joked.
“Why, is it finally working?”

hehehe, would not surprise me if this was the dozenth attempt, and the first that Applejack noticed

Pinkie leaned in and licked the frosting off Applejack's cheek. “Yummy,” she said, her smile mischevious, as she slowly blinked.

aww, now that is forward in a Pinkie way

That hadn’t been the only thing Pinkie had declared ‘yummy’ that afternoon.


Well, not first. Not after all the time they’d spent together, how many times they’d saved Equestria together.

yeah, the dynamics are very different from dating a stranger! a friend she's been so close to for so many years, i imagine it feels more like slipping on a comfortable glove

“Sorry I was such a Sleepy Pie last night,”

hehe, cute Pinkie Pie line

It was going to be another good day.

aww, very sweet, and just really gets into the earthy, grounded ApplePie dynamic. nothing fancy or melodramatic, just two mares who support each other and love making each other happy, with plenty of these little cute domestic moments. very adorable, and a great example of so many things to love about this ship, thank you for it!

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