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I write stories mainly featuring small horses having sex with one another, and that is probably all you really need to know about me.

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questionable problem solving skills

Is Paperclip, by chance related to Dora?

I don't think so, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty for her to explore.

I love it! Late or not, this is a great birthday present; thanks, Andy! (Can I call you that? I'm gonna call you that unless you say otherwise :rainbowwild:)

You really nailed Paperclip only really caring about escaping the situation, and especially being frustrated enough to suggest breaking the ever well-known Equestrian Postal Code title 18 chapter 83 section 1737. She should really hit the books sometimes, just like Zew!

Speaking of ZIppi and Zew, you did fabulous portraying them! The only quirk I'd say you missed is that Zew's the healthier eater of the two, so if anything, Zippi has paunch rather than Zew. You are correct about Zippi being better built to hold somepony's weight though, and I love how they resorted to a direct good ol' screwin' when all-else failed. That's those questionable problem-solving skills at work! Poor Paperclip barely even knows what hit her. :scootangel:

An enjoyable read that will definitely qualify for my super-favorites folder. :ajsmug:

That's a pretty clean 50/50 you got there. Let me help with that. :twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed it, and that you think I did your characters justice.

Read now, and this was pretty fun and silly!

Now I kind of want to see a part 2 where they find those stallions to help get poor Clippy unstuck

"We've gotta fuck ya free!" Zippi excitedly finished her sister's thought.

This is crazy!
But as described earlier it's also a crazy situation, so this might just be the solution they need.

Zew gently stroked Paperclip's face with a hoof, caressing her friend as Zippi did her work. "How does it feel?" Zew asked. "Zippi's really good at eating mares out, isn't she?"

How would you know that? And would I like to know the answer?

"Yep! Here we go," Zippi said, before digging a ball gag out of the toy box and fitting it onto her friend. "There! Now you won't have ta worry 'bout saying anything bad anymore."
"Mmmf?!" Paperclip's muffled voice protested.

Zippi is technically right with that one.

After I was about three-quarters through with the story I had an idea for an alternate ending:
- The two of them made Clippy cum several times, but she was still stuck.
- Eventually their mom comes out, calling them for dinner.
- She sees the situation, and after a brief explanation knows what to do.
- "You shouldn't gag a filly like this" She removes the ball gag, Clippy is relieved. "You should use one of these instead, so she doesn't spread any bad words but still keeps her mouth available." She inserts a ring gag, Clippy is not convinced.
- At last her mom tells Zippi and Zew to run and call all the colts from the neighborhood to help out with an emergency
- "Didn't the videos I showed you teach you anything? Mares can loosen them up a bit (that part is very important and must be done thorough), but you need strong stallions to properly unstuck them."

"Well, um, Paperclip... this is fairly obviously a pornographic scenario," Zew explained.

Are they being meta? I think they’re being meta.

Didn't even read the clop. Intro was worth it.

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