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So these are the side-effects of continued use? The conversion into a plant hybrid? Curiouser and curiouser...
Eagerly awaiting more, Withania! :twilightsmile:

Thank you :twilightblush:
There’s quite the tale to follow, it all got rather out of hand! Will be updating between my other stories as often as I can!

Excited to see more of this, I really love transformation! Hope the situation turns out well for you and you have a lot of fun.

Not too many talented writers on here anymore but every now and then you find gold. One of the hottest stories I've read in a while good sir

Interesting TF story you have here.

An interesting premise. Makes me eager to see what you'll do with this new plant-hybrid trait.

Many thanks!
Quite a few of these things have been done before, I draw inspiration from Kaiden’s works, and I’ve also been referred to other works that I’ve read and thought ‘Yes this is definitely my cup of tea ^^;’
I’m hoping to add a few spins of my own, and also allow things to get a little bit tongue in cheek for the parts of this story that got somewhat out of hand!

And thank you to all my readers for the feature! Best present to wake up to <3
I was going to put this on hold for a week, but I’ll get Chapter 3 out ASAP as a thank you present :)

Already read this but saw it on the featured stories at 9:32 AM Central Time, 7/13/2018. Congratulations!

Interesting story, I'm not really all that into vore but something seemed different with this one and I'm not disappointed. The good balance of clop and story, a bit of mystery in where the plot is headed though enough information that there are a number of guesses which could be possible and a neat character I don't see too many like.

Hope to see more soon!

This looks very interesting so far, loved the original. It looks sounds like she is pregnant so far, but I could be mistaken, I hope to see other ponies being assimilated by the plant matter as well.

A full-on plant conversion based upon the Tegman Magnus? Including lungs redesigned to create a seducing pheromone to attract other ponies and an innate desire to swallow and contain them inside of her so as to feed on them (and possibly convert them) as the Tegman did?
It seems your condition is growing more interesting by the hour as more side effects are discovered. Side effects that, to the right mare or even to the right stallion, might be features, I might add.
Either way, a very well-written next chapter with very engaging developments. Eager to read more.

On a side-note, I may include some of these alteration-based effects in a more temporary format–basically as if it were something that would only last for a few days or weeks after being imbibed into the Tegman's victim–in one of my fics. I imagine that, if she knew about it and could keep herself from losing control of the situation, perhaps even Princess Celestia would be interested in the transformative effects on a temporary basis.

So Withania has turned into walking pony-preying-plant? If she seek help, don't go to Twilight though. Nopony want to live through her science experiment.

Just to be on the safe side, she should advises those who come to wear hazmat suit.

Nice we are going into stuff that I like, can't wait to see how things will turn out for everpony in this with turning them into plant ponies and what not.

This is wired… next chapter please.

Many thanks! I'd talk about more ideas but I don't want to spoiler anything that happens!

Regarding your side note however, certainly on the first or second encounter with a Tegmen any effects will be temporary. I believe my experiences were largely accelerated due to my more personal connection to the original magnus specimen. Earth pony magic is weird.

And then she became the villain of that one rare, banned Power Ponies issue the end.

The prey is the new predator. I love where this is going


Bridging the plant/pony gap does introduce some changes. Namely, she's intelligent rather than a plant acting on instinct. This alone would alter the typical lure and capture scenario. She's also now a hybrid, part pony, part plant, this would also have to cause some changes such as repurposed organs [lungs] and the addition of an added energy generation [photosynthesis] as demonstrated. Who's to say she can "convert" anyone or anything? That ability might lie solely with the original, unaltered, plant. It also makes sense to restrict it too-- if such an ability was passed on, it would spread, unchecked, like a wildfire through the land (think zombie apocalypse) as every converted animal and being would in turn seek out others with that powerful lure.

[To address this and a few other comments on the subject I’ll break character for a sec, Morphy is definitely closer to the mark here. I’m roughly free-writing this story (as in, the ending hasn’t been planned yet) but I’m unlikely to take it in the ‘plant takes over and converts everyone’ direction simply because it’s been done by other stories. It’s one thing to do ideas/concepts that others have already done, but I’m looking to find a more Slice of Life angle to this.
However, the rest of Act 1 will delve into the idea of potential apocalypse scenarios before I nail down exactly where this story is going for Act 2, so answers are coming!]

Wow. This fic in an unexpected gem in the rough
Came in with almost no expectations, very pleasantly surprised. Hope to see more soon!

Still weird… still want more

If Withania is part plant, why Timberwolves attacked her to begin with?

Timberwolves will attack anything that moves. They're mindless creatures, formed of dark magic lost in the wild and congealed into dead brushwood.

I have a strong feeling that this alpha timberwolf will soon have a most powerful case of indigestion after swallowing such a cute poison pill.

[Cue one of those terrible Russian jokes about snack food that eats you instead]

In Russia, you do not drink ze vodka. Ze vodka drinks you.


Awww no touching myself this chapter :( :p

Well, that was the last thing I expected this chapter.

I had always wondered why timberwolves would even need to eat ponies. I guess you're going to find out soon enough, Withania... :twilightoops: If only I were there, I could have blasted that alpha to smithereens. :twilightangry2: ...Okay, probably not. I'm not that good with magic yet. :twilightblush:

Nice we finally get to see her eat ponies and now I wonder if she is going to convert them or just digest them for all the lost calories that she just spent. Can't wait to see what will come next.

I say a little of A and a little of B.

This story's running a little slower than my usual fare, so we're going one step at a time, but don't worry, we're reaching the point where all the set up is done and the fun begins ;)

I love this story so much

Great work keep it up

I hope not the latter, otherwise there will be a ponyhunt on her. Plus, Tegmen doesn't kill the bee, just trap it until sunrise then let it go. Maybe the pegasi sisters would become addicted to Withania? or minions?

Delicious. Simply... delicious. :)
I’d say more but I’m currently on mobile.


Huzzah! The fun has been doubled! [*burp*]

Huh, never occured to me that she would regrow from a seed, not unlike many other plants that all but encourage animals to eat the fruit and 'deposit' the seeds elsewhere. At least we now know her new hybrid form comes with a very handy perk.


If I'm not mistaken, the Tegman and the hybrid feed on "physical love" primarily, as in the kind that comes out when an animal (or pony) climaxes. A little different from a changeling that feeds on emotional love but the same in essence and therefore would not digest the host-- it would be counterproductive and wasteful. Besides, not only does she provide relief for pent-up mares, I'm willing to bet all my bits that the nectar bath is better than soaking in pure aloe. Her only problem now is trying to move with a belly twice her own size... sheesh, next she'll be trying to gulp one of the Princesses. The little glutton! :rainbowlaugh:

Mmmph another awesome chapter. Can't go wrong with the twins

Interesting but did you suddenly decided to change the plot of the story for something else?

[Not as such. This section was planned from the beginning, and in more or less this way. I was hoping for the transition to be a little smoother, but this was just the way it went down.

With Withania somewhat stumbling around at the moment, the story needs to get into Act 2, and sometimes the only way to do that is a seemingly abrupt intervention.]

“I’ll see from the inside,” repeated Twilight, “You eat me and then I can watch the entire process first and, and we’ll find out what’s really happening in there.”

Why she always come up with this kind of idea? :ajbemused:
Welcome to my life. :moustache:

So... I was a bit put off by mulberry's antics because of the way she seemed to go about it, but was also pretty weirded out by everything else so I didn't really address it but isn't the thing she does in the same vain as rape, especially if she is basically doing the magical equivalent of drugging them to do it? And twilight is okay with this even though people are losing half a day to being part of someone's selfish pleasures with no real memory of the event and weird, possibly unpleasant dreams depending on their perspective? Kinda disturbing that there isn't any consequences for this behavior.

On a lighter note, twilight confirmed for science slut.


[The thought had occurred to me. I did actually discuss this with someone else over Withania's consideration to drug Epoch in I, Predator, and I had to conclude that the simplest answer was "don't think about it". I have ideas about an explanation for this, but I'll wait a bit before I try and introduce them. For now, don't think about it and have fun ;) ]

[If I may make a correction, I believe "Kintetic" is supposed to be "Kinetic". XP]

"Don't think about it" is a rather odd way to handle something of bothersome morality...

My main concern is basically that what mulberry is doing is pretty reprehensible as she is essentially preforming a dangerous sexual (?) act with drugged, non-consenting individuals who probably had other things to do that day, and twilight is okay with that because she covers her tracks well (though obviously not well enough for Withania to not catch on and by extension others could follow who may be less okay with that).

You also have to consider if things go wrong with the Reformation potion or spell, someone gets murdered so this seems like something that would have some strictly enforced rules on the subject. As for the few other things, Enoch was pretty clearly consenting as far as I know but I don't remember her being drugged covertly either and it makes sense that Withania having not understood the full extent of what happened to her and being genuinely terrified of how she is altering the minds of those around her gets a little leeway when it comes to any actual punishment. It's out of her strict control and she needs help, not punishment.

Even throughout just this story, the dangers and preventive measures are regularly checked and acknowledged in a fairly unintrusive and natural way right up until twilight kinda just lets mulberry do her very date rapey thing dispite knowing about it.

[I have to admit, that does seem kind of bothersome that Twilight would be okay with the vore equivalent of a date rape. Wouldn't it make more sense that, instead of letting Mulberry do what she does because she covers her tracks well, they would want to put a stop to it but have no EVIDENCE of her wrongdoings because she covers her tracks well?]


The x-ray was an interesting (and pretty logical once you think about it) way to answer a lot of questions about internals. Hopefully she figures out how to catch-and-release as well as tone down the overwhelming perfume.

As for the two pegasi, did Twilight use a magic neuralizer to make them not only forget they got gulped and but that Withania is a sneaky pred? I bet all the alicorns know that spell considering NMM's fabled threat if you don't give her candy...
"Look here please-" *pop* "It was just swamp gas reflecting the light from Venus" :rainbowlaugh:

[I do see what you guys mean, but when I say 'Don't think about it' I mean you need to have a suspension of disbelief. Porn, and especially vore, requires us to take liberties here and there for the narrative to work.
Ultimately if we made consensual/willing a strict rule then we become hugely limited in what we can do with a vore story, so I try to avoid the comparison between unwilling and rape. I then offset this by having strict reformation rules in place. That's my trade-off...
But as I mentioned, I will ponder this and see if I can resolve it, but if you don't see it mentioned, it's because I can't think of a narrative that's better than the current trade-off.]

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