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"fear is the building blocks to a creative mind" - unknown


The sirens have found interest in a local farmer, putting together a plan to make her one of them... things don't go as planned for them.

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An interesting Halloween story. Having the sirens be evil, but not 100% evil, and mocking while still somewhat empathetic, was a nice touch. It made for a fun hook, as I legitimately didn't know what their angle was. Adagio's empathy stood as a compelling contrast with their semi-sinister intent.

Proofreading after posting the story into Fimfic but before publishing might be helpful, you have a lot of paragraphs that don't have consistent spacing between them and some inappropriate capitalization. Regarding the story itself, it felt a little off-putting to have threads that were never tied (Like the mysterious "C" and 2/6 of the Rainbooms having apparently tried to kill Applejack, good god), but it works if we just think of this as a spooky lil' ghost story that doesn't need big explanations.

Regardless, good job, this was an interesting read (though I am biased, being a lover of EQG AJ :heart:).


I will keep working on the proof reading, also the mysterious C and the rainbooms will be further explained in another story I plan to submit. so keep your eyes out.

thanks for reading!

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