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Two ponies have lost their cutie marks and have to find a way to get them back. Thankfully Arch-Unicorn Twilight Sparkle can help, but she needs powerful magical crystals to aid her in the spell. Both Oz, from Cloudsdale, and Nova from the lands of Tesorias, are willing to go on the adventures needed to obtain the crystals, but an evil has followed Nova from his home lands. Without their cutie marks they cannot defeat the evil now looming in Equestria, nor end the wars tearing the lands of Tesorias apart. Can they find all of the crystals before the evil spreads its influence across Equestria? Find out as our two heroes find their paths, find love, find hope, and most importantly find friendship.

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Huzzah RYCM is now on fimfiction, now my OC (Nova) can become even more famous

The idea of the story itself is pretty unique. I really like the idea of the "what if' factor pertaining to somepony losing their cutie mark. I never say this to OC stories but I kind of like where this is going.
Good Work! :twilightsmile:

Attempted to fix the word walls from previous chapters...and my other story.

I like the description but an OC focused story? not usually my thing.

But Action Adventure? Hell I'm in... right after I finish Nightmare Night and Nyx :twilightsmile:

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