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A lonely stallion makes a friend.

This fic took third place in the Cozy Glow group's second contest. As such, this story probably contains Cozy Glow. Let me check the character tags to confirm that...

Prompt: In Equestria, no creature mourned Cozy’s death, except one.

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Well hot damn..... Now I want a sequel that was some top notch emotional shit.

That was... disturbing and messed up.

Wow, very nice!

I gots to know. Will he ever wake up?

Ciphers #5 · Aug 30th, 2021 · · 1 ·

i guess not,like Twilight said:

“You may be the only pony in Equestria.” She sighed. “I will consider your request. If granted, your statue will reside in one of the dungeons. If she ever escapes, she won’t get far.”

he is the only pony left who care for Cozy Glow,that mean Twilight doesn't give a sh*t about what happened to Cozy Glow,except Discord who can used her to manipulates for some dumb things,like boosting Flurry Heart confident this time :facehoof:

So it came to be. I sat in the dungeon and wrapped my forelegs around the filly, pulling her statue tight against my barrel. Twilight aimed her horn at me, warning me that there was a chance that the spell might not be as permanent as the one that had been put on Cozy Glow, but that she’d studied the spell’s workings and was confident she had it right.

Twilight didn't get Stoned and having conscious right?No wonder why she can agree to do something so inhumane,even if he ask for it

Dang, stories about Cozy have a tendency to get weird, don't they?

Technically this story had no cozy in it so I dont think it counts as a cozy story

I would like to know if the two could really have talked when he became stone.

Wow dude, you almost got me to cry. Congrats.

seeing how she dealt with everything else... yeah.
that peabrain princess needs either guilt trip, complete submission, or dramatic speech. she's incapable at comprehending complex stuffs by herself.

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