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After a century of confinement, Cozy Glow is unleashed on an unsuspecting world the world is unleashed on an unsuspecting Cozy Glow.

Cozy Glow group contest entry. As such, this story probably contains Cozy Glow. Let me check the character tags to confirm that...

Prompt: They’d set her free. They’d told her she deserved another chance. She didn’t know what being reformed meant, though, in a world where the heroes crushed the wrong-doers with overwhelming force.

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This story is ment to be slightly creepy right? With the fascist enforcement of political correctness, and the school of friendship turned into a reeducation camp, and the presence of Big Brother in the form of Omni?

So Twilight turned Equus into 1984: The Cartoon? Wow, you created a timeline where a Legion victory is the ideal outcome.

Jesus Christ this is an absolutely terrifying world. At that point, yeah, killing Cozy would be an actual mercy.

Wow, this world sucks. You get "Reeducated" or turned into a statue if you do something as simple as not eating your vegetables. You can't say or create anything that could be potentially offensive, their entertainment and art must be boring as hell, to the point where it probably barely exists anymore. If everybody is "Happy" in this world it's really only because they have no choice, because anybody who isn't and spoke up against it would just get punished.

At this point, Discord deciding to break free of his statue and plunge the world into chaos again would be an improvement.

The Sisters petrification of the Three certainly taught Twilight entirely the wrong lessons. Sure, she’s ended war. But she’s also ended ambition, creativity, and open discussion of anything she does not personally approve of. In a way, Twilight has ended up becoming like Starlight Glimmer was, but more effectively, and on a global scale.
This story made Cozy more sympathetic. Her demanding to be re-petrified should be something for Twilight to think about. But Twilight always thinks she’s right. A part of me thinks that Alicorns are immortal, Celestia and Luna just saw what Twilight has done and died in shame.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” - C. S. Lewis

Computer, put this version of Equus on the AVOID CONTACT list.

*sigh* It showed potential. But effectively removing free will? One wonders what Twilight will do when her demerits system fails when the inhabits realize she is the only one that can enact the big punishment, and she is just one pony against the rest of the planet.

Cozy Glow will lead the uprising against Twilight.

Talk about a politically correct distopia. I guess Twilight became kind of like Starlight did before she reformed.

“Princess Twilight runs Equus. She’s advised by the Council of Friendship, which is made up of the highest ranking member of each sapient species on Equus. Twilight runs everything past the council before taking action, though she does outrank them and can take matters into her own hoof if needed. Especially in urgent situations.”

Giving a pony full power like that doesn't seem very inclusive. If I were a changeling I would be quite offended that my leader doesn't haave equal power to the pony one.

“ I’m hoping a full month away from his friends and family will make him see the error of his ways.”

Princess of Friendship everyone.

I knew one day Friendship & Harmony would ruin the world, one day! A Utopia that's a living hell, stone me now!

It's not Harmony if everyone is singing the same note. If there are no Differences and no allowances for a difference of Opinion, then the people are effectively dead even though they are moving and going through the Proscribed acts of "Friendship". If there is no reason to strive then there is no need for interaction with others there is no need for Friendship.

Princess destroyed the world with Friendship and Harmony, then imediatly threw Friendship and Harmony on the Pyre.

But how do you use the three seashells?

Where's that dark tag when you need it.

Great Demolition Man references. :twilightsmile:

I would hate it there

Everyone's saying Twilight made a fascist distopia, but I think that this might actually be Discords fault. He sealed himself in stone and he took Chaos with him. Now the world is running without Chaos' influence and it's kind of terrible.

No utopia here. This feels quite wrong.
BTW love the story!

Cozy is right, this place is insane.

This inspires me for a story.
A rebellion.
This... This needs a sequel with someone who is immune to magic.
Someone chaotic.
Someone who doesn't give any f*cks.
This needs Anonymous the Human in a sequel.

I remember hearing about an experiment with rats a long time ago. The rats were given comfortable places to live and all of their needs were taken care of. There was no hunger, no oppression; it was a perfect utopia.

They were all dead within a month.

"Pizza Toppings were outlawed decades ago."



this is a dystopia i kinda feel like this is a prequel to a full story where cosy lead a rebellion to free pony kind from social justice world, this is like my town just world wide. there no freedom just obedience, like the saying goes if you dont die the hero live long enough to become the villain, pony friendship lasting long enough to become tyranny

Okay this future is beyond messed up there afew good things yet, but it's overshadowed by pretty much Twilight stamping out free will and well choice! I mean turning a child into stone for not eating their veggies what the fuck! But yeah still a enjoyable little read, do feel like it needs a sequel or something.

Comment posted by FarmFreshAppleTarts deleted Aug 25th, 2020

To be fair, its just for full pizzas. Individual slices are topping-able.

Demolition Man is an excellent allegory for this Twilights world.

They tried later experiments that did include such things, but those only slowed down the societal collapse; they could not prevent it.

Comment posted by FarmFreshAppleTarts deleted Aug 24th, 2020

Spooky, Coxy should try to manipulate Twilight now. Guilt trip her that her system failed because of what it did to sweet tooth. He like sugar like Pinkie and will never get to see his family ever again because of it. Just make her feel bad because Twilight would’ve done the same thing to Pinkie if she were still alive.

I want a sequel. I need more Cozy Glow.

I really hope this story's Equestria (excuse me, "Equus") was meant to be a dystopia, because I'm seriously rooting for Cozy Glow to succeed in her inevitable coup.

Twilight has created not harmony, but perfect order. Complete social heat death.

I want a sequel where Discord frees himself after realizing how meaningless and unchaotic life has become and becomes a hero for later generations by overthrowing Twilight and Omni and throwing the world into chaos that puts that spark of purpose and chaos back into life maybe with the help of Cozy, Chrysalis, and Tirek

Cozy could actually become an Alicorn and rule better than Twilight by allowing chaos Chrysalis could take back control of the changelings maybe having become reformed in the process of rebelling against the world order Twilight made and be an ally of Cozy while Tirek could I don’t know start a gym? Whatever makes him happy besides stealing magic which he could still do to the worst of the worst criminals of Cozy’s kingdom like murderers and the like while Discord could restone himself with measures in place to alert him if he’s needed.

I very second this! Let’s demolition man this place!

Unfortunately, Twiggy Smarkle would never come to understand that in the recipe for utopia; conflict is the spice of life.

This was ALMOST perfect. I wouldn't have put in the whole "turn child to stone for not eating vegrtables" bit. I get that you were going for a dystopian fascist future vibe here, and up until that point you had a really great slow build up to it with the demerits, Omni, the pizza, the Laws of Friendship, reeducation, and the nobles all getting turned to stone. But the bit about the kid being petrified for not eating vegetables is WAY too obviously evil and ruins the story's slow burning feeling of dread. If you cut that part out, this story would be a flawless 100 percent 5 star A plus.
As for everyone calling for a sequel... well, Discord has said that he CAN hear while being turned to stone, and there is a literal ARMY of angry petrified creatures thanks to Twilight's facist rule. All Cozy has to do is say the right things to Discord, then either free him or let him free himself his possible, then he can unleash an army of angry political prisoners with a snap of his fingers. (Also, Smolder has to still be alive somewhere, right?)

That was... overdone? Stuff like stoning all the a-hole nobles and idiots might be questionable, but but that's the thing, it's questionable - up for debate, not 100% black/white. Arguments could be done either way.

But the utter absurdity of things like banning mentioning the fact that unicorns have horns and stoning kids for not eating their vegetables... (when Cozy is apparently free to order junk food and deserts any time she wants...? ) veers into ridiculous territory. I really can't take this grimderp friendship dystopia fic seriously.

Welcome to the Totalitarian world of Twilight Sparkle.

Ding, one hundred demerits for questioning Twilights absolute word of law!

Sounds like North Korea eh

There are no weapons.

this is false, everything is a weapon

"You could probably beat a guy to death with the Sunday New York Times." - George Carlin

Actually yes, something like that has been done. Just got to roll it up very tight, get as much air out from between the pages as possible, about as effective as equal sized piece of wood.

Btw just came up with the slogan for this world: Friendship guarantees citizenship!

Well, paper IS wood so....

In many ways, Luster Dawn’s life had mirrored Twilight Sparkle’s. Under the guidance of an alicorn mentor, she’d transitioned from being a loner with no desire to have friends into a having a tight friendship with five other ponies. While the Elements of Harmony had long since been destroyed by King Sombra, that hadn’t stopped Twilight Sparkle from dispatching her to resolve friendship disputes.

they werent destroyed, just broken. just like how nightmare moon broke them in season 1 episode 2
though the tree turned into a treehouse >>

and, lemme just continue by stating that the elements were just symbols and a link for the magic of friendship. the mane 6, pillars, and young 6 didnt use the symbols but were still capable of using said friendship magic anyway

and thats on what? pointless talking ❤

“Yes, she and Luna both. Contrary to popular belief, alicorns are long-lived but not immortal. They retired after your attempted conquest and lived out their final days in Silver Shoals.”

alicorns are immortal, no arguement.

If the goal was to create a world creepy to us but totally strange to Cozy, I think you suceeded.

In today's episode Twilight Sparkle completely misunderstands how to be sensitive. It's like what a radical liberal would want.
Honestly the society is beyond my comprehension. Like sure being racist is bad but... it's not wrong to acknowledge that differences exist. It's like she turned into Starlight Glimmer v2.0

Ah...terrifying. I would love to see a continuation of this where Cozy ends up inadvertently becoming the hero by stopping Twilight. Maybe that 'rebellious' colt who refuses to eat his veggies could help her, or Flurry whereever-she-is-right-now Heart? I'm sure not every single ponyperson is on her side. Luster may be old but she or some other old creature(like the dragons?) remembers the past. This concept is just intriguing!


I'm looking forward to more

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