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What happens when a pony appears in your path. What do you do? What do you think? How do you even handle such a situation? Even if you could keep her safe, would she trust her life to you? One college student is given the opportunity to learn these answers for himself, but maybe he's the one who needs to be saved.

Another experimental story. This one is in the spirit of "My Little Dashie". This will not reach the same emotional levels as Dashie, but I don't intend it to. If you haven't read it before, I suggest you do so.
I don't know where I'm going to go with this, so I don't know how many chapters it will be. I'll just keep it going until I feel it's time to stop. I hope this doesn't dissapoint anyone.

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Ooh nice! Tracked.:flutterrage:

This is a pretty good start for a story, I hope you can continue this.

kinda jumped the gun on the begining but never the matter, ONWARDS TO CHAPTER 2 :rainbowdetermined2:

Okay, nice. A little slower pls, with just a little more exposition and dialogues. Overall - very interesting.

Ok... good story but, I have two words for you
Add back story and such. And that was quick,

*In the alley*
"What are those?"
"Why are you wearing them?
"Dunno lol!"
Then they hugged.

That's what I got from that scene, add a whole story two one side.

Side A: The "Over and done with method"
*Before the scene*
Basically he wears them to hide his emotions, he had never been the same since granny dieded. 'Shy noticed this and voila.

Side B: The "Emotional side mission"
*During and after*
'Shy noticed the sunnies and atempts to do something about it, but Robbie take exception to this and yells at her or something, giving 'Shy a side mission aside from getting home... Voila.

Essan out...

Meh, I thought the whole thing was cute. You could spend some more time with each other, no matter what others think this is your human in equestria or Pony in the real world story. They knew that when they clicked the link. So now its your job to intertain us the viewers, and we say exsplain more stuff!

It's good bust I must warn thou, I have never cried at a story, I listened to dead isalnd song while reading my little dashie and didn't cry, nor did an animation of ponies crying, so I doubt this will make me cry.
But still a good idea and story.

Yay, I'm not the only person who didn't cry at my little dashie

Very, very good Idea for a story (Dammit, I was gonna do something like this later... Oh well). The only problem is the fast pace. Slow down a bit, bro. :pinkiehappy:

Really though, I'm hooked now, which means that you must finish this for my sake.
Now get out there, soldier, and write a damn fine story! *Salues*:rainbowdetermined2:


What makes you say that?


I thank you for your comment, feel free to post any other suggestions you have.
I know I have trouble with pacing, especially when I'm trying out too many things at once. If you haven't guessed, I don't write first-person too often, and so I'm unsure how to balance the pacing and timing with 'stream of consciousness'.

Aww...she ran away! GET HER!!! :flutterrage:

I like how its going. More please :rainbowkiss:

Not bad, I might just track this... keep up the good work
Also first I guess... Who am I to go against internet tradition?


err how do i say this.... SOMEONE ALREADY DOING A STORY WITH FLUTTERSHY!! i'm sorry for the trouble heres a cute AJ pic


but you know what, this story is so good, i can live with it!

secret of nimh? by the moon that one brings back memories... now i gotta watch it again, curse you :ajbemused:

this is so.. Fluttershy! :3

The nostalgia reviewed that movie I think, he had some pretty 'choice' words for it.

If you're referring to the Nostalgia Critic (AKA Doug Walker) and his review of NIMH 2: Timmy's Adventure, then I suggest you watch the review again. Also, you may wish to see his video entitled "Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics".

A very good chapter, it's nice to see other characters being introduced and learning about Fluttershy's existance.

Its nice :3 :twilightsmile:

I refuse to believe the universe would be so poorly designed.
Startrek spotted off the bow.:moustache:

I wonder if they'll notice that?

>Brown Pony
>Angel Crying

I really like how you managed to justify him putting on the shades in the last chapter; that bit stuck out for me a bit last time.
Again, though it isn't as bad as last time, the pacing still feels a bit fast...
Good work nonetheless!

I like how this story is turning out, good work author!!

MLP with a Doctor Who twist? O.O I must keep reading!

As much as I'd love to call that an awesome twist... I totally saw that coming. Doesn't make the story any less awesome, of course. :rainbowdetermined2:




Yeah, I was expecing somepony to see this little tidbit coming. I still don't reallly have a plan for future events, but I will say that this won't come back for a while.
Glad you're still enjoying the story.

*ding* This is my Timey-Wimey detector *ding* It goes ding when there's stuff.:twistnerd:

I dont watch doctor who so i didnt get it.
I think its time to start >:3


I suggest starting with David Tennant (Series 2 or 3), although that may be because I started with Tennant. I may take some heat from this, but Matt Smith (Series 5) is also a good starting point.
After you're familiar with the format, you can go back and watch Christoper Eccleston's season (Series 1 - 2005) if you're really curious. In my opinion his season was okay, but it was a "First Season" and they hadn't hammered out all the wrinkles yet.
Myself, I'm thinking of going back and watching some of the really old stuff, just to see what it was like.

At the risk of turning this into a debate about Dr Who, I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, and that it was, in my opinion, a shame that he only got one season :ajsleepy:
But about the story...
Do the angels look like ponies, or are they still humanoid? Is this Doctor who warned 'Shy a pony incarnation of a previously human doctor? Will these questions be answered by the fic in the near future? Am I asking too many questions?:pinkiegasp:


I agree that it's a shame that Eccleston only got one season, my complaint has nothing to do with the actor at all. The season itself kinda dragged as it seemed all parties involved to be just getting their act together producing Doctor Who for the first time in a while.

As for the story:
I'd like to think the angels look like ponies, but that could be left for you to decide.
The rest should be revealed later... Much MUCH later.
As I said before this will not come back for a while, the story is meant to be about Fluttershy, the Doctor is just a means to an End.

152830 Eeyup, it was a concern of mine that you might err more towards the whole "How did she get here" rather than what the story is actually about: "What happens while she's here?"
Glad to know that there's a focus!
So, keep up the good work!

"There was nothing that could possibly go wrong."

Goddammit, something is going to go wrong now.

AGHHH!! That last line!!!:flutterrage:

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