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That ending took an interesting turn. This was pretty fun to read.

I wanted to write a short, somewhat more silly, yet wholesome story. I made a fairly grimdark one lately.

Zoshe #3 · May 2nd · · ·

I brings belly rubs.
Can I has soul?

We need to get to that universe.

Wholesome to lewd,
Real rubber duckin quick

I wanted a mix of both for this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Well that was certainly an interesting ending! A brief but nice read! :twilightsmile:

MOW #9 · May 13th · · ·

Somehow you made that ending seem anticlimactic even though it literally isn't!
... Impressive, I guess?

I need more of the belly rub maregasms.

You enjoyed this story?

I might explore that in some future story of mine. I'll try to make it a good bit longer than this.

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