• Published 24th Feb 2021
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The Tale of the Broken Soldier - Julian the Dreamer

Halberd Wings is dead, but his story doesn't end here. Now he has to face his greatest challenge in the afterlife: his hatred.

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I'm a bit surprised Halberd actually believed all this so easily. Considering the circumstances, it wouldn't be too far-fetched.

Great story so far! I like it :) Can't wait for more chapters

Can hardly wait to read some more.

I'm liking this!

While it can be argued Halberd is guilty of things, admittedly his guilt is more of being a gullible pony who wholeheartedly swallowed his Princess' lies and didn't think for himself. In a way, that is worse, since that's the sort of person a tyrant gains power from, but in the end, he had had no reason to doubt Celestia or the Princesses for his whole life. And then the war happened and everything went to shit.

Halberd admits to having thrown a potion or two, and having killed humans who did him nothing wrong, but those were all soldiers; he had only joined just in time for the Battle of Jerusalem, and after that, it was all a desperate defense of Equestria's conquest followed by a hopeless defense of the homeland resulting in utter defeat.

In a way, while I disliked Halberd's racism and attitude in Warfare, I can see how he can be persuaded to see the truth.

Glenn isn't the Reaper, he's a psychopomp. Basically a spirit that guides the recently deceased to their proper place in life, sort of like the Valkyries guiding the worthy to Valhalla or angels escorting a soul to Heaven.

I like Glenn. While I might not always share his attitude on war, he does have a good point, and having had a few billion years experience can leave someone very jaded about wars in general, so I can see why he hates it. Also, he's very good at verbally smacking down Halberd every time he tries to spout the usual Celestia propaganda.

So what drove you to write about Halberd Wings' afterlife? Was it pity for the character, or was it an attempt to explore something in the universe?

Sorry for answering late, I was dealing with exams.

It's Garen, not Glenn.

I felt bad for Halberd Wings, and having a strong imagination I started to have ideas about his story, they got mixed with other drafts I already had (a Diamond Dog that helped the dead, mostly), and this story was born.

After asking for permission, of course.

My bad (on mistaking Garen's name). Other than that, it's a pretty good premise. And don't worry, life can throw quite a few curveballs, so take your time.

I will have to keep tabs on this one, I am very hyped to see more :)

Hope you are doing ok.

I am. I just have a lot of things going on now, and little inspiration for this.

Piece of advice: never start a new project without finishing the old one first.

I know how that feels. Still I am just glad that you are doing ok. :twilightsmile: I hope that you find time to relax and rest as well.

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