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Comment posted by SNES4ever deleted Jun 10th, 2018

Really good when's part 2?

Pure smut fic. I am not sorry.

Triggers:Incest, creampies, impregnation, cum inflation, excessive cum, oral, anal, size difference, lactation, group sex, and a lack of any story.

My body is ready...


A new story? With Shining as the main character. You've got my attention.

I had so much trouble not picturing this conversation in your Lineage story. Now I wonder how many kids Shiny is going to be fathering?

More is definitely required! Tracked!

This sounds interesting. I think I'm going to continue following this.

Yo! I'm glad to see more from you my dude.

Really hope this continues...

This looks like it will be some high-quality smut.

You're a disappointment.

Well are we going to take bets on the gender of the kid produced? I would like to see an alicorn stallion.

Still pretty good. I'm excited to see more from you.

Get yoself an editor though.

I already know that, you just need to know when to suck though.


:rainbowlaugh: That was a good one. And why would you be sorry.


Eight kids!! Well I bet he will be a great father. If you where to give anyone “twins” Rarity would be my vote (if this was up for a vote, but I doubt that). So if you would be so kind as to reveal who you plan on having Shining Armor impregnate beyond Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Chrysalis that would be cool.

Twilight Sparkle or Twilight Velvet? If not one or the other, do both. Plz?

Also, when the story is all said and done, will there be an orgy chap at the very end?

That is... Acceptable. I still think a finally orgy is a good idea.

What about Zecora? Do you gonna have it? I wanted to read how Shining gonna have striped foals)
And what about Twilights friends?

Remember Shining, keep calm and carry on.

Mine was obvious, what about yours is? Remember, we're writing in text not speaking.

Ya don't have too, just try and at least get somewhere close to her speech pattern. And yes, striped bitches are hot as fuck.

Hold on, let me re reread that message real quick.

Okay now I see it. I think it would have helped if you used this font.

Ah yes but when someone usually uses deep sarcasm they tend to embolden the words, yes? Make them stand out more, hmm?

Pfft, in my mind I sound like some evil villain explaining his whole plan, lol!

No need to write in rhyme just write how Zecora gonna beg shining to impregnate her and make for her their striped foals)

So now Shining gonna have already 9 foals and one of them is gonna be with cute stripes:pinkiehappy:

Honestly I don’t even know where you cum up with this stuff.

You might be able to work around the rhyming thing, too. Just have Shining bang her brains out until she’s too cum-drunk and bimbofied to be able to rhyme.

Well, Cadance should have known that this was a possibility. I wonder how she, and the rest of the public, are going to respond?

With Twilight Velvet on there, it always brings up the question of what happens with Night Light? Poor guy is left out.

My solution would be a bit out there for some, but hey. Shining has already knocked up his sister and Mother. Why not change Night Light into a mare and have HER join the fun?

Going down that road, could always turn 'Prince' Blueblood into 'Princess' and get all the royals, but well I like genderswapping.

EDIT: Well guess people don't like that idea.


Personally I think she will tell the public and the nobles that Celestia being pregnant is none of their business. If they have an issue then she can say it is the nobles fault for taking up so much of her time for so long that her body was going to drive her up the wall if she didn't have a kid, now. Personally I bet Cadance knew this was going to happen and just doesn't care.

Will this story have any m/f sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

In those immortal words. "Run, Shining, Run!"

I see you are being ambitious af for your second fic on here. I respect that, especially if you finish. Too many are incomplete.

I hope you can keep the steam going, you are certainly talented enough. This was a great cock worship part here. Can't wait to see what else you release.

so who's next chryssie or if you picture is accurate to your story umbra

I see Cadance is going to be over the moon when she finds out.

neat you did hint at it i look forward to it

This is nice, but Shining Armor should include some more variety now than just "get blown, let mare play with cum, impregnate her". He could let her worship is balls first; he could spank her a bit; he could ask (or deman) a boobjob before the actual deed; or, if he feels cruel, put his dick on her nose and not let her do more than breathe his scent until she's properly asked.

I find it interesting how alien Luna is depicted as here, less a pony of flesh and blood and more, a force of nature given a body.

Glow in the dark genitals.

Right in the fetish

I must say good sir this is one of the hottest fics I've read in quite some time ^^ eagerly awaiting more


There's plenty of artwork featuring it too

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